Mapped, what gadget to buy in the beginning of the school year.

To understand the issue, you need to immediately dismiss one harmful delusion.

According to him, to spend any significant amount on equipment for training — this posturing and descent of money. Due to this superstition, thousands of students spoil the sight for a lousy monitors and swear by the device, which leads to a screeching halt the second open tab.

So, to fork out for the technique for the student is fine. It is quite adequate investment in the quality of education. A good device kindle interest in knowledge, but will enable it to satisfy, and do not swear on imperfections and limitations.

But what to choose in the premium category? In the Apple-ecosystem has two relevant options: MacBook and iPad Pro. Compare them with each other.


In a historical context — an absolute favorite. The laptop settled on the student desks since the days of the “shell” iBook. On the whole, the computer, and macOS, it is better proven. A situation when the system will fail due to lack of software, or restrictions, almost does not occur. But there are other issues.

For starters, what MacBook to buy? You should choose between the 12 inch version and the 13-inch MacBook Pro (with TouchBar and without it). From the competition immediately eliminated the other contenders. And not just.

MacBook Air prohibitively the old screen, which will be to “plant” the vision and enrage in the sun. 15-inch MacBook Pro, still, is too expensive, is not outstanding battery life and is unnecessary. Learning objectives and a tenth do not use it mighty possibilities. We speak, of course, in the context of the average student of the Humanities — such today the majority.

The remaining models are not perfect. For example, MacBook 12″ worth discussing is suspended — at the autumn of the presentation or during 2018 can present his superior, trinadcatiletnie version. However, the idea certainly is: this is a ultraportable laptop with a single port, without active cooling and with a stable autonomy.

Such features: great set for learning. To connect the wire for students, nothing special. Max, you will need a USB C to USB A adapter for the good old “flash drives”.

But the lightness and compactness — killer-features MacBook 12. Every extra hundred grams and a couple inches clearly felt when you need to sleep on a tiny Desk or whole day to spend with a backpack.

In addition, MacBook 12 confidently behaves when you use the battery the laptop gives adequate 7-8 hours in the standard task. And the ability to recharge from an ordinary powerbank — it’s all unreal plus for a portable gadget.

The 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro to recommend too easily. First, it accurately fixes all the issues with the performance. Secondly, the screen and the keyboard is nicer here: the panel at the expense of quality, and the buttons due to the increased stroke. But there is an incident: the version without the TouchBar is not updated until the processor of the eighth generation, and the version with TouchBar is already a lot of money.

Why Apple put in such an awkward position users — a separate issue. But the selection is significantly complicated.

iPad Pro

Given the coming updates, this device also should be considered conceptual and not quibble with specific details.

Offer iPad Pro against such a serious competitor? For example, price. To compete at cost with the MacBook can only 12.9 inch version with LTE module, the Smart keyboard, Apple Pencil. Other configurations will be cheaper.

But what exactly can not save, so it’s cell connection. It is the main trump card of the tablet. Lecture halls and classrooms are not always equipped with reliable Wi-Fi, to have a stable LTE Internet much better. On a MacBook the situation to decide the distribution of data from a mobile device.

But this is not best practice: operators often begin cutting speed, and battery smartphone run with supernatural speed. iPad Pro with LTE is completely independent.

It is important that iOS is not a crutch, which it is accepted to call. The system supports multi-tasking, drag-and-drop, it has a sane file management and advanced automation.

In addition, the quality of software on mobile OSes even higher than on the desktop. With any number of programs that are running iPad Pro will not be given and second podragivanija. With the selection of apps is also no problem. App Store’s educational section filled.

There are stunning gametocyte, text editors, calculators or tutorials. And this is all considering that most of the time ordinary students and schoolchildren account for a simple recording and preparation of texts/presentations.

It is useful that over the years, Smart Keyboard, support for keyboard shortcuts and also has become the norm — like Bear or Things allow you to perform all the manipulation, without interrupting printing. The fear that iOS will be “limited” and “weak”, but rather describes uncertainty than a real problem. Yes, the mobile OSes need to find a way: but action, it’s almost not limits.

At the same time, the iPad Pro is possible at any moment to transformin camera to take pictures of homework, canvas for drawing, tape or e-book. MacBook such freedom of action, of course, does not offer. Especially important last point: to read on the iPad Pro with a brilliant True Tone screen is very nice.

At the same time, the autonomy of the iPad Pro, at least not worse than the MacBook. And charge the tablet even easier.


The favorite seems to be obvious: if you approach the problem from a strictly educational criteria, then the iPad Pro makes a senior colleague. It is more compact, easier to learn and does not impose such a serious restriction. Also, do not forget the fun factor. With the iPad it is easier to spend free time: playing games, watching YouTube, scrolling Facebook.

Certainly, these benefits will further emphasize the upcoming update — with smaller frames and higher performance tablet will be even hotter. The MacBook is also good, but more demanding: his choice should be approached intelligently, and not just with the idea that “no computer will not do”.

In the post-PC world, there are many scenarios where the iPad Pro will be closed all needs. But balanced versatility all the same on the Mac side — in case of physical limitations (size, no LTE), it is functionally richer.

Another thing is that training is always needed on a lot of opportunities: more often requires simplicity and reliability. In this iPad Pro is second to none.

A few years ago such a verdict would be shocked. Even today, win iPad Pro someone annoy tablets has not escaped from the status of expensive toys. However, it is time to settle down in the new realinosti and to abandon prejudices. It will be difficult and expensive, but will not be in vain.


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