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Why Russians freeze

At least hundreds of Russians freeze in winter because of the high cost of firewood, insufficient gasification of villages and shortcomings in the legislation, write “Izvestia”. According to the Tver activist Nikolai Romanenko, firewood oven in the winter required four cars of wood. One is an average of 7.5 thousand. Lonely old people, poor people and large families often can’t afford such expenses. Also the edition notes that at the moment the Russian gas supply only 70% of urban and 58% of the villages. In addition, often in the villages there are the official suppliers of wood, those of the local residents who are willing to engage their billet on their own, faced with the need to draw a plot (plot for cutting), and give her often in the swamps. Thus subsidies that compensate for expenditure on firewood, you get only those citizens who filed an application in state agencies.

“Some pensioners are not aware of the possibility of obtaining free wood. With them are working in this direction”, — said Andrei Kalashnikov, a member of the Board of deputies of the rural settlement Medvedevo Rzhevsky district of Tver region.

The Central Bank has encroached on the e-wallets of Russians

In the state Duma was introduced the bills in case of adoption of which foreign operators of electronic purses will not be allowed to work without registered in the registry of the Central Bank payment system operator. About it reports “Kommersant”. In addition, the draft amendments to the law “About national payment system” will force foreign operators of e-wallets to notify the Central Bank on the beginning of work, and the Russian banks — to notify the regulator about the beginning of the use of the services MirPay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. According to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Finance Anatoly Aksakov, the bills are aimed at establishing control and protection of the interests of Russians at the same time.

Chubais complained of the ungrateful Russians

The ideology of privatization of the 1990-ies, and now the Chairman of the Board “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais should not complain about the ingratitude of Russians, writes “the Look”. Last week, Chubais publicly complained that over a quarter of a century the citizens and “don’t even bother to say thank you to the business once for all that the business has made in the country.” Meanwhile, one of the reasons of distrust of the Russians to the business is Chubais himself, promised personally that one voucher will cost as much as two cars, while benefited from the advent of vouchers to only those who quickly exchanged them for food or vodka or wisely invested.

The property deprived of the licenses of the banks will sell

Today in Moscow will open a sales office assets lost their licenses banks, told “Vedomosti” Director General of the Agency for Deposit insurance Yury Isaev. ASV will sell to individuals and legal entities the property of the banks that have fallen under the control of the Agency, including the office equipment and furniture, equipment, movable and immovable property, securities law requirements for borrowers, money in correspondent accounts in other banks, and so on.

Sausages for Regardie check the FAS and the Prosecutor’s office

The Federal security service has addressed in Federal Antimonopoly service with the requirement to bring a case of possible food supply of Regardie meat-packing plant “Friendship of peoples” at inflated prices, according to RBC. Also an investigation of possible violations of the law on the state defence order holds the Chief military Prosecutor. In a letter to the head of Department of FSB of Regardie in the name of Deputy head of the FAS at the disposal of the edition, it is noted that in 2017 or early 2018, when the meat-packing plant “Gatchina” supplied Regardie sausages directly, their pounds cost the Agency 215,9 of the ruble, whereas after the appointment of the “Friendship of peoples” the sole provider of food for Regardie kilograms of sausages of the same meat processing plant has risen to 260 rubles.

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