Security services, electronic systems is something that should be regularly checked and improved. Information and money can flow out and in data centers is unknown, and the owner will think that his company is better protected than Helm’s deep. Remember though about the leak of data from Facebook, troubles with security from Apple and time to time. If these giants were discovered wormhole, ordinary companies, services, and applications even more should carefully examine your system.

To entrust it to the sysadmin not the best solution, he is not a hacker. Like trying to tank Trakai. We talked with a team of service White-Hacker, which deals with electronic security and online safety, and will tell you what you should do to protect your company.

Who are “white hackers”

About masters of conspiracy in the hood you probably heard and saw them, and even they were playing some Watch Dogs. However, besides them there are masters who do not use the principle of “salami”, to steal the cash from the accounts, and do not steal. This so-called white hackers are experts who use hacking skills and tricks to find to order companies gaps and dangerous bugs and report them to the owners. Unlike black hackers whose activities violate the law, the white hackers work under the contract, often are the official employees of the companies. At the moment it is already a full-fledged profession with its ethics. By the way, the now famous white hackers, for example, Kevin Mitnick, in the past engaged in illegal hacking of the networks.

There are companies of white hackers who give everyone their services to protect systems. They should not be confused with those who organize DDos-attacks in order to derail a competitor’s site, sending in viruses with the same objectives, steal strategic business information. White hackers do not do. Being on the Light side of the Force, they emulate a hacker attack, but all the information about the system holes are used not in order to extort money and data and to sell it to the owner.

Security testing of corporate systems

One of the main problems in security is a hole, resulting from the gaps through which you can get into your system and control it. When developing a website, application, database, it is not possible to detect such holes. For these purposes, the white hackers, for example, service guys, White-Hacker perform a pentest.

Pentesting includes the analysis of network and vulnerability scan, penetration test the vulnerabilities and exploitation of them in different ways to reveal the scale of the gaps and what kind of threat brings its existence. We call this variant the electronic pentesting. Besides him there are social pentesting which reveals how you can get into your system using social engineering (of which Chris Kasperski wrote a wonderful book called “the Secret weapon of social engineering”). The art of social hacking is in the skillful use of interactions between people in the company to get passwords, access codes, logins. To conduct electronic pentesting your company in three ways. Employees White-Hacker can using features and tools of your system, explore it as deeply as possible, to understand the real scale and to identify bugs and holes. It is the most effective of the three methods when used separately.

The second option is “black” differs from the first in that the tester has positioned itself as a hacker, and not as an employee. It accesses basic information about the system and is valid, applies classic methods of hacking, such as SQl-injection, and improvises, acts according to the situation. This method requires more time and is likely to skip some holes. Using the third — “gray” — way, white, the attacker gains limited access to system information and simulates the full external attack. To test fully the system you should use all three methods. If you understand that the cybersecurity of your company is poor, use of the service White-Hacker. To order, pentesting→

Security servers

When testing enterprise systems and social interactions held, is to look at the security of those servers that uses your company. They support systems, websites, applications, tools, feedback. Information — payment card number, telephone number, e — mail is always stored in databases. Accordingly, data centers and servers, which are databases, — a tidbit for hackers. Usually companies that rent servers in data centers, for example, in Svalbard or in Novosibirsk provide top-level security. Those who are not able to pay for such a service, or simply does not understand the importance of security, should conduct an audit. Pentesting will be sufficient to detect bugs and weaknesses. Service White-Hacker after the testing report can arrange protection for your servers. The guys will be erected around cyber defense, as at Stalingrad. Order to protect your server→

The guys from White-Hacker, in addition to pentesting, to ensure safe management of electronic wallets. When in the company often use them, need to be the Pro organized all kinds of passwords and codes confirm. Otherwise, first your employees write the password on a sticker and glued to the monitor, and then you are surprised that someone came in and transferred the money.

Another useful service from White-Hacker — to ensure the security of the blockchain. The crypt is now very popular, running thousands of ICO projects. Their safety is the most important component because it affects the safety of millions of dollars. The service team designs and conducts an audit of all possible systems using blockchain, for example, smart contracts. Accordingly, if you use or plan to use these technologies, take care of security.

White-Hacker — service Internet marketing Agency OLIT. The Agency has 10 years of experience in cyber security, website development, SEO optimization. They have completed more than 300 projects. Among their clients: ANO “Center of Amur tiger”, “Gidrolica”, “Tinkoff Bank”, “solid Bank”. Learn more about the Agency→

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