And now I have you on your toes shows how to make a real fatty gevalt.

Removed, write great music, Georgian singer (I still can’t remember her name, despite frequent mentions) of autonav. Putin himself has removed, of course, to punish, like, freedom-loving mountain girl for, like, unflattering remarks.

People with good faces and joined them fools joyfully rushed to gnaw a bone another manifestation of Russian totalitarianism and censorship.

Of course, the #Steinberger returned.

Now turn on the brain, in any case, those who have it (to the liberals not the case).

Nobody can delete a project from the services snap — unless the owner of the copyright, or strike at another of the owner’s rights.

Albums all services are laid through the aggregators, and in the computation to determine the placement of ticks — availability release.

Select the platform (ITunes, Supply, YouTube, Hoover, J. Music, VK. Music and about fifty others around the world), as well as availability in different countries of our planet.

Thus, the representatives of the singer, anyway, who is there to know these things from her, climbed into his private office and removed the tick from access releases for Russia.

That’s all.

The type of such personal sanctions. I can also their albums for Georgia to remove if you want.

And you see that the type, Putin is in California calls to Apple, and says this: “are You… a singer here one remove from ITunes, I have to.” And they’re like, “Yes, Mr President. It will be done!”

By the way, removing and adding — it is quite fast, the time to process 10-12 days, so if today’s entry has disappeared, the removal request was — count yourself when.

At the same colleagues have reported to me: “the copyright holder has withdrawn the tracks last year, so it’s best to check with representatives of the artist”…

Chipolte on, idiots. DBY.

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