We continue to deal with investments in this podcast is “affordable,” will explain why you need a broker and how to structure an investment portfolio that is right for you. And reveal the “Golden rule” of all investors.

Who is a broker? It is a financial intermediary, its main task — to maintain legal or natural, who want to buy and sell securities.

And how to choose? The main thing is to check whether the broker license of the financial regulator, for example, the Central Bank of Russia. The broker is required to provide the license upon request of the client, and work without it is prohibited.

What is the risk? You can lose all your savings, if you give them the alleged brokerage company, promising you mountains of gold.

That is with a good broker can not strain? Unfortunately, no. Broker — only broker, it does not select market securities for investment, not to manage your money. Will either have to hire a Trustee or investment Advisor. Well or to create your investment portfolio. Tell what portfolios you have, depending on how much you are willing to risk.

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