Interest in the podcasts among Russian users is growing rapidly. Over the past year the number of references to podcasts to social media has increased in 4 times: in August 2018 the volume of messages on this subject was 31 thousand in August 2019 — 124 thousand Brand Analytics analyzed all these messages and find out who, where and when is listening to podcasts. And where is an American martial arts master?

How do you imagine a typical listener of podcasts? Brand Analytics considered that most podcasts listen to men — 55%. Podcasts are the most popular among the audience of 25-34 years is 37% of users. On the second place in popularity audience of 18-24 years and 35-44 years — no surprises. In each group, listening to podcasts about 19%.

Podcasts are popping up everywhere where users are accustomed to video and audio content. Partly, therefore, can explain the fact that popular among listeners are not specialized services and applications, and familiar. So, YouTube remains the most popular platform for listening to podcasts among Russian users — it is found in 26% of the messages on the topic. On the second place platform for listening music Soundcloud — it is found in 15%. Podcasts in specialized applications — Apple Podcasts and Podcasts are mentioned with approximately the same purity, and it’s at 14%. While Apple’s Podcasts is the most popular app among Americans. And podcast platform from the social network Vkontakte appeared only in the last year. Over the past year, a platform for podcasts submitted and Yandex, although people go there less readily than in the mentioned social network.

In the first place by the number of mentions podcast American comedian and martial artist Joe Rogan. This is one of the most popular podcasters in the world, his records you can listen to the original and in the Russian dubbing. For some reason this foreign podcast like most Russian listeners. Next come podcasts Russian media Meduzа, Arzamas, Lifehacker, Russian service BBC and the lighthouse.

However, if you look at the topics discussed by the users, it appears that especially popular are podcasts about sports, 14% of mentions. Approximately so much the number of people interested to hear about literature — 13%. Many experts say that fans of audio books are now moving to listen to podcasts. The least references were about the biology and — surprisingly — the movie.

Discuss podcasts often Vkontakte — this social network found 61% of posts on the topic. In Facebook and Twitter messages significantly less, 14% and 10% respectively. But on the most popular platform for podcasts — Youtube — discussion about the format not very much — only 5% of all posts. Worse than just Classmates.

Often listen to podcasts on the go (in public transport or driving). In second place on the references to listen to the podcast in the learning process. This explains why in the first place podcast Joe Rogan, and in the top — TED. Many listen to podcasts while walking, exercising while resting or removed. From this we can conclude that listening to a podcast — the process is more intimate than the same music. People prefer to consult them in situations when they are alone. Sometimes users listen to podcasts at work, even though it distracts them from the main occupation. Very rarely — during the illness.

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