Tele2 has analyzed the data of the service “Beep” for 2018. In the calculation was taken melodies that were installed at least a thousand times. The top consists of over 60 tunes. Most of them belonged to the genre of popular music. In second place — hip-hop, and the third — chanson. The least popular among users of the service were ringtones from category “rock”.

Among the rap artists most popular was an American musician Post Malone. The entire year in the top kept his last year’s hit Rockstar, recorded with the Savage 21. Also installed was the Candy Paint soundtrack from the movie “fast and furious 8” and the new single Better Now from the new album.

The other line of top-5 rap and hip-hop artists occupied the Russian-speaking artists. Popular melodies LJ: “360°”, “a Child is born to Shine”, Nokia, and others. Belarusian rapper CYGO entrenched in third place with the track Panda E. Next in the ranking is dzhigan with the hit “DNA”, recorded together with Artem Kachera. Also had the song “we are Young” and “Catch me.” The top five most popular rap artists of Kazakhstan artist Jah Khalib. Users liked the track “Medina”, which also tops the ratings for Apple, YouTube and Yandex.

With the help of “Beep” Tele2 subscribers can replace the standard beeps, the ringtone by choosing from tens of thousands of popular songs for the 0550 or in a special directory on the website.

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