Techno-titans are always under the “sights” of journalists and at the slightest misdemeanor they are flying bricks.

Jeff Bezos is accused of wasting money on space, while he “black” operates warehouse staff. Mark Zuckerberg: complicity in everything from genocide to the death of democracy in certain countries. Larry page and Sergey Brin – bent to China and work closely with the military. Elon Musk – don’t even know where to start…

Only Tim cook dodged the attack “brick soldiers”, but if Steve jobs was still with us, undoubtedly he would have become the biggest target of all.

In fact, much of this criticism is justified. Amazon should better treat their warehouse employees. Facebook should have anticipated a new form of information warfare, coming from her, and make decisions much faster and more confident. The Google search engine was not supposed to approach the implementation of the Maven project. Tesla had… a lot of things, but first would understand your confusion.

Generally: the technology sector has become more important than before. Now he is at the level of the segment of the economy, and is an integral part of people’s lives. The responsibility of the technology industry is much higher than all the others.

And yet much of the criticism aimed at the techno-titans falls on them just because they are famous, and does not address the subject of responsibility for misconduct.

To count money, cook, Bezos, a Mask can all “sofa analysts”, while not giving value to the financial sector.

Food for thought: the financial industry, which consumes 30% of all corporate profits, gives us nothing.

“8 percent of the 400 richest people in America, which is a big number, does not conduct and does not conduct any economic activities”.

People do not protest against the financial industry, industrial complex, or other aspects of the economy, which are much more destructive than the worst aspects of the tech industry.

Discussion of technologies, which attract a number of critics have a positive effect on her development as a whole. As mentioned, many of the comments are the place to be, and techno titans have to absorb, consider, and act on them. But at the same time, we are not talking about what the concept of “technology” is public enemy No. 1.


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