Apple decided to abandon further development of the flagship smartphone with a screen diagonal of less than 5.8 inch solely because of the changing priorities of consumers. As shown by the combined rating of the benchmark AnTuTu, more than 40% of all smartphones on the market have a screen with a diagonal of at least 6 inches.

According to AnTuTu, the most popular smartphones are those whose diagonal is 6 inches. Their market share exceeds 14,5% of the total weight. Followed by the 6.2-inch devices that are owned 11.5% of the consumers. Third place, oddly enough, belongs to models with a screen 6.3 inches, of which there are more than 8%.

Apple and its principles

Apple continue to uphold its commitment to the compact smartphones, the company risked losing huge audience of consumers willing to pay for devices with large screens. And considering how good it was to earn if Apple Tim Cook, it was a disastrous decision that would severely threw it back in yield.

New iPhone

If you believe the leaks, the accuracy of which is virtually certain that this year Apple will show three new iPhone with diagonals screens of 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches. The smallest and the largest version will have OLED-matrix, 4 GB of RAM and a pair of cameras, while the medium will get the IPS screen, 3 GB of RAM and supports two SIM-cards.


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