In 2020, if you believe the analysts, Apple will significantly update the line of iPhones as a year worldwide occur widespread introduction of technology 5G. Rumored changes to the “Apple” gadgets should not only filling, but also appearance. In particular, the Cupertino-based company refuses popular format to 5.8 inches, which made iPhone X and iPhone XS.

Despite the fact that there is no full information about iPhone sample of 2019, which will show in September, public attention has switched to those iPhones that have come through the year 2020. According to rumors, that next year Apple must change its line of gadgets in connection with the dissemination of technology 5G.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his accurate predictions regarding Apple products, said that in 2020 there will be two new iPhone models that support the connection of the fifth generation, which will become the successors to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. The display size of the small model will be not 5.8 inches and 5.4 inches.

Thus, the iPhone from the new line will decrease relative to its predecessors — the screen is 5.8 inches have the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

In addition, it is assumed that the same diagonal will receive the yet to be released gadget which is called iPhone 11. Along with this large model will be bigger on the iPhone XS Max — 6.7 inches instead of 6.5 inches.

In addition, it is expected the third model is 6.1 inches, which will be the successor to the iPhone XR, but it is, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, there is no support 5G.

Why Apple decided to reduce the screen instead of the obvious increase, which is the current market trend? Probably this model will be the choice of those who seek to use the gadget with flagship content, but it does not like “shovel”. In addition, there is a certain percentage of users with small palms that can not fit modern smartphones in one hand — children, teenagers, women.

Forbes believes that Apple made the right choice, agreeing to the flagship, which can be used with one hand, given the lack of a compact but powerful models of the nearest competitor.

Thus, the line 2020 there will be three gadget with different custom flavors that can raise sharply the popularity of iPhones on the market.

The fact that iPhone sales fell sharply during the festive season 2018-2019. This decline gave the company’s management that it had decided to diversify their income and to invest more in the services in case the former popularity of “Apple” gadgets and did not return.

However, the presentation of the while iPhones remain the most expected Apple events of the year. In March, the company held the event, which announced its own streaming service and invited Hollywood stars, but it gained the interest of the public, who called the evening “boring” and “lengthy”.

The presentation 2020, hopes, as Apple has long ceased to create that “wow effect” that it was famous for under Steve Jobs.

The culprit is too high battened plank, which is hard to match. It is possible that in a year the company will be able to once again surprise their fans, as the introduction of 5G will have a significant impact on the industry.

In addition, the screen is 5.8 inch sink into oblivion, there are other rumors about the events and gadgets of next year. In particular, it is reported that 5G chips for the new iPhones would put Samsung and Qualcomm. With the last Apple not so long ago managed to settle the litigation, so that the cooperation between the two brands is restored. In turn, Intel, which is also a leading manufacturer of processor, previously waived their participation in the market of devices of the fifth generation.

Also in the new iPhone could appear again Touch ID, which came more modern face scanner Face ID. It is reported that the sensor for fingerprint will be embedded directly into the front panel of the device and become part of the screen.

In addition, analysts promise an improved 3D camera in order to make maximum use of augmented reality (AR). It is reported that no laser scan technology in the new iPhone will not do.

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