Moscow, April 22 — “Missing. Economy” the Tactic of Apple in terms of technological innovation is often criticized — they say, “if Steve Jobs was not like this”, copertina lagging behind the pace of introduction of new technologies from its competitors. But a recent example with a flexible Samsung smartphones can serve as an example of why Apple’s desire not to rush, perhaps more correct.

Flexible displays, along with some other technological trends of the type 5G, have already dubbed the future design of mobile gadgets. Can be the way it is, but so far it’s a pretty distant future, and the first commercial smartphones, it seems, is still quite crude product. This is obvious by the example of Samsung — mighty technology giant, one of the first to produce model Galaxy Fold with a folding screen.

Samsung, a longtime rival of Apple. And the fact that the South Korean vendor was again ahead of copertina with the introduction of its products the latest technology could be considered a success, if not one “but”: very expensive (about $2000) flexible smartphones will break in a few days. In any case, this is reported by a number of journalists who got to test and review devices Galaxy Fold.

In particular, a columnist for Bloomberg mark Garman said that the screen of the smartphone is completely out of order two days after the start of the test. He admitted that the problem may be related to the fact that he was taken off the screen protective film which is impossible to remove.

“I removed it, because I didn’t know that it is impossible (other buyers too will not know). It seemed to me that she is removed from one edge, so I removed it. I guess this is also adding to the problems”, — the journalist wrote on Twitter. Later, mark posted a photo on the screen of the Galaxy Fold not working at all.

The same problem faced by Marques Brownlee, who warned his subscribers that the top layer on the display — no protective film, and a glass protector. “I started to take it off, and my screen flashed and went out. Had to ask for a replacement,” writes Brownlee.

Dieter Bonn from The Verge has faced with the emergence of the visible bumps on the surface of the screen, near the site of the bend. “I don’t know what happened, waiting for a response from Samsung. Everything is broken,” wrote Bonn.

CNBC commentator Steve Kovach stated that his smartphone is broken after one day of use — half of the screen suddenly began to flash. While the film is in place.

In its official comments Samsung says that the company is aware that some observers are faced with the dysfunction of the screen. For this reason an investigation will be conducted to establish the cause of failure.

Samsung and Huawei already have in its range of smartphones with curved screens, and Xiaomi, LG Electronics, Vivo and Lenovo are preparing similar models. Amid such competition, Apple hardly wants to stay away, because otherwise the company will lose the status of leader of innovation and will not be able to resume sales growth, market observers believe.

Unlike competitors, Apple ignores market trends, unless he sees in them great potential. At the moment Apple is not likely to heed calls to speed up the release of the iPhone foldable and will take a wait and see position. Especially given the possible collapse Samsung. Because it means not only that flexible display technologies are in need of serious revision, but also that purchasing displays (Samsung is a parts supplier to Apple) for your tests too early.

Apple recently announced the cancellation of the release of the long-suffering station wireless charging AirPower, which was first introduced in the fall of 2017. Think copertina, as well as Samsung, rushed to produce the crude product. But no — to the consumer device never reached, as well as to journalists.

“After many attempts we came to the conclusion that AirPower will not reach our high standards, so cancelled the project. We apologize to those customers who were waiting for the release of this product. We continue to believe in a wireless future. “—said Dan Riccio, senior Vice President, hardware development at Apple.

Thus, Apple has not announced AirPower as a finished product. And did not make promises that would not be able to do, disappointing customers and damaging the brand. Copertina ignoring the trend with a flexible screen, but you can be sure that the technology will be tested by Apple for a long time, before it is embedded in the new iPhone.

It is unknown how the fate of the Galaxy Fold, but this case is definitely worth it to remember those who would criticize Apple for being slow: to be the first gives certain advantages, but this approach also carries a huge risk. In today’s highly saturated mobile market, Apple cannot afford to be reckless to throw any hypothetical innovation. Yeah, maybe for some Apple fans, the romance of the days of Steve jobs when the company risked and won, seems nicer.

But do not forget that in those days there were many bad choices, some of which cost the company dearly, and Steve jobs, in a certain moment, positions in Apple. Now that the company is managed by calm and reasonable Tim cook, Apple is not a pioneer of mobile innovation, but every new smartphone, albeit with a small lag, is equipped with proven technologies that work in conjunction with the software ecosystem. And so it’s hard to imagine Apple cases, similar problems with the Galaxy Fold.

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