In recent days, global market positive. First, the speech of the fed to Congress the lower house was encouraged by the investment bankers and analysts. Still, the words that he is rather inclined to softer monetary policy, market participants regarded as one hundred percent probability that this month the rate will be reduced by a quarter percentage point.

The U.S. stock market reacts classically rising to a reduction of the monetary policy. It is expected to increase the supply of liquidity and reduce its cost. The second reason for the positive growth of oil prices.

But, it turns out, millionaires are not involved in this movement. As follows from the annual World Wealth Report, wealthy clients got rid of investments in shares and real estate last year, translating state into cash or its equivalent. This phenomenon is noticed as the CEO of the investment partnership Van Der Black Stanislav Masagin.

Stanislav Masagin CEO investment partnership Van Der Black “are one of these investors. Surprised we miss the growth in the Russian and American market. But the experienced investor knows that the short-term bursts of optimism and liquidity can also play against you. Therefore grounds for excessive optimism. First, because the fed lowers the rate, and waiting for the problems in the world economy and in world trade, and wants to start to treat this, according to Jerome Powell, somehow prophylactically. It is not positive, it is rather negative, if you look at the whole picture. Tensions with China and in the Persian Gulf, of course, also gives reason to believe that everything in the economy, especially in international trade, it will be good. It is negative for the markets in actual fact. But in the short term, as all the cards went to zero, all ahead with the song grow.”

It is possible that Russian investors also will go into the cache from foreign securities. The Central Bank proposes to limit the purchase of shares of companies such as Google, Apple and others, non-qualified investors. It is unlikely such a measure will help to limit the risks, says financial analyst Natalia Smirnova.

Natalia Smirnova financial analyst “Is, of course, flattering to our stock market. For some reason, our Central Bank believes that “Gazprom” apparently, more reliable than Apple. It is a good flattery. I think if we’re talking about the purchase of shares of the largest companies in the world that have the largest capitalization, and if we are talking about the purchase of these shares in the most stable currency in the world, i.e. the U.S. dollar, if the person is unskilled investor, I think, in any case, the purchase of shares of Google and Apple will be more stable than buying shares in a developing country like Russia in the currency, which is extremely unstable — I mean, the ruble, and to take all political risks, including sanctions and economic.”

To cash out and the largest investment Fund in the world. According to Bloomberg, BlackRock advocates a reduction of the total risk on the shares retains the portfolio of government bonds and increasing the cache for the investors base currency which is dollar.

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