For a good growth of iPhone sales worldwide, partly influenced by the transition of owners of Android-devices on the Apple smartphone.

In this spirit, online magazine PCMag decided to explore in more detail the reasons.

The survey polled 2,500 consumers from America. 29% of the total number of the respondents noted that moved from one mobile OS to another. And 18% had previously used Android and switched to Apple products and 11% – on the contrary. According to the study, these 11% gave their votes in favor of Android due to low prices.

It is worth noting that questions about other operating systems such as Windows Mobile or BlackBerry OS, the survey was not.

Among the respondents were those who do not think about changing your phone for a number of reasons:

  • 56% are not interested in the novelties of the mobile industry.
  • 34% buy new identities when the contract ends.
  • 17% get a new device in case of breakage of the display on the current device.

On the question of respondents: “How often do you change phones?”, – 53% said they are willing to replace only gadget in case of breakage.

Tim cook often says that people migrating from other OS on the Apple smartphones have a positive effect on the company’s sales. In the past year, the Corporation has even released a series of videos about the transition to the iPhone.


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