MOSCOW, 11 Jun — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. Washington considers Huawei as a threat to national security, and the agreement, the Chinese Telecom giant with Russian MTS in the development of the 5G technology is seriously concerned American experts. “Huawei will allow Russia to overtake America,” warns CNN. What are the challenges the company faces, the US — in the material RIA Novosti.

The course for the future

The agreement on the development of 5G technologies in Russia Huawei and one of the largest Russian mobile operators, MTS signed last week, on the eve of the St. Petersburg international economic forum. The solemn ceremony was held in the Kremlin with the participation of heads of the States Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping.

The Russian company announced that it plans to invest in a communication network of the fifth generation, more than 20 billion rubles for five years. MTS and the Moscow government signed an agreement about the introduction of 5G in the capital, providing tests of this technology at ENEA in the coming months. The start-up of commercial networks scheduled for 2022.

Experts have stated: the agreement between Huawei and MTS — indicating a high level of mutual trust between Beijing and Moscow. While analysts are wondering what China will thank Russia for access to the market, the fact that cooperation between the two countries in the development of 5G technology has caused panic in the West.

“The US is trying to convince allies that Huawei is excessive threat to the security, and Russia trusted the Chinese the development of wireless technology, the next generation,” stated The New York Times.

Washington banned American firms to use the equipment of Huawei, accusing the company of technical espionage and gathering secret data in the different countries of the world. This was one of the main reasons the American-Chinese escalation and the breakdown of negotiations on a new trade agreement between the two countries.

Under pressure from the White house to deliver software, technology and equipment of Chinese telecommunications giant declined leading American IT companies, including Google, Microsoft, Intel, ARM, Qualcomm, Broadcom. Squeeze company trying and telecommunication market in Europe. In particular, in March, Washington has threatened the UK and Germany to cut intelligence sharing if they allowed the Chinese to introduce mobile communication systems of the fifth generation.

For that fight

Huawei took third place in the global ranking of manufacturers of smartphones, behind only South Korean Samsung and American Apple. And the US administration has recognized: the Chinese company is a “threat to our position in the race for the creation of the mobile technology of the future.”

According to CNN, the deal Russia and China reinforces these concerns: both countries will allow to move forward in Internet technology.

“The ban Huawei runs the risk of slow implementation of 5G networks in the country, and because America faces behind China. Now, even Russia, which usually do not belong to the leaders in the sphere of high technologies can get ahead,” warns CNN.

Back in February, a former adviser to the US President for national safety James John said the lag from the Chinese cellular network of the fifth generation. But the leadership here is critical: Hyper-fast 5G mobile Internet will revolutionize the digital economy.

“Apparently, 5G will be the most disruptive technology of the century, and China has all the chances to win in this competition — said Jones. — Lag risk, and all those who will avoid cooperation with Huawei, as the world is moving to the next stage of digital communications”.

The split of the Internet

In the United States and fear of yet another threat posed by the collaboration of Huawei and MTS: the emergence of the “iron curtain” on the Internet. We are talking about a division of the global Network to multiple national.

“Led by China, more and more countries are revolting against the principle of open Internet, the government rigidly guarding the boundaries of their own Internet networks, forcing foreign competitors to store data locally and provide access to the organs of internal security,” says CNN.

About the upcoming split of the Internet in the past year said, and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. In his opinion, the result will be “the Internet under the leadership of China and non-Chinese Internet, led by America.”

For a long time this trend unfolded with Beijing willing to export technology and expertise to help partners build their own tightly controlled Internet networks. But, according to CNN, Washington, conducting an aggressive campaign against China, Iran and Russia, has significantly strengthened the tendency of split of the Internet. And now everything looks more real the prospect of the formation of different national standards and rules for the regulation of computer networks, resulting in the Internet as we know it, will cease to exist.

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