Ordinary programmers often earn more than 100 thousand rubles per month. The best — two to three times more to run them for recruiters. In addition, they get a bunch of “Goodies” from free Lunches and extended health insurance to the new Apple technology and corporate baby-sitting. Seems to good to be a programmer. How do I become one? Where to study? Explain what you need to be able to employers you “have chantili” and indulged.

What programmers need?

In the first half of 2019, the vacancies in the IT sector has increased by 7%, according hh.ru. Most of all, the market needs to top experts. At the end of last month, was placed on the website of 1036 vacancies for Junior (interns, novice), 1353 jobs for Middle-professionals (line staff), 8016 vacancies for Senior (managers, designers). Top 10 in-demand professionals in the first six months as follows:

Python Developer;

Frontend Developer;

Mobile Developer (iOS);

C# Developer (.net);

Java Developer;

C/C++ Developer;

Product Manager;

Devops Specialist;

Data Engineer;

PHP Developer.

Looking at this ranking, it is already possible to understand what skills employers seek. The first thing to learn actual programming languages. Today the top is Python, C# and C++, Java, PHP according hh.ru. According to the annual global survey of IT professionals Stack Overflow, these languages are included in the top ten popular. And in the first three — JavaScript, HTML, and SQL. Python in fourth place, but in the last couple of years, he is moving up faster than others. According to github, the top five popular languages (in descending order) — JavaScript, Python, Java, Go, C++.

Where to learn to program?

It is important to choose the right direction and skills to learn. 10-15 years ago, students still were forced to learn Pascal and Delphi, and today nobody uses them. And some of the languages taught five or six years ago, has lost its relevance.

“In 2013 I graduated from the University, and we were not given a Python, it was only rumored as a promising language, — says Evgeny Sokolov, academic head of the program “Applied mathematics and computer science” of Economics. — At first I used R to work with data. Now it is not as widely used, but Python is very popular. This is the first programming language we teach many students. To learn it is simpler than many others on the Internet a lot of materials, it has a large number of libraries for applications. A library is a set of ready — made methods you can use to solve the task, instead of programming a solution from scratch.”

One of the key applications of Python data analysis. Now it is very popular, according to Sokolov; for example, a Bank with a data Analytics examines how, when and what purchases they are likely to do, how to react to different offers. You can make predictions, what products the Bank may be interested in one or the other customer that he should recommend in a month or six months. Professionals who work with data and extract from them are called data-scientisty. On them in the coming years the demand will grow.

“In business, industry, science, medicine many industries that are still poorly “digitized,” says Sokolov. — Here the historian needs to find and count all mentions of a person in the last 100 years in various sources. And it happens that this is done manually. In Python you can for half an hour to write a program that will allow you to find the right one. Now in digital form there is a lot of data in medicine (e.g., MRI) and the natural Sciences. These are the areas that still have a lot of papers. The doctor knows how to make the diagnosis, but do not understand how data is stored, how to write an algorithm for search problems in the pictures, he’d date a scientist”.

Or doctor or historian in this example you need to master the programming language. In the HSE there are programs dopobrazovaniya where a lot of adults — those who want to re-learn his profession on the programmer and those who want to learn Python for my work.

“Now IT programs a huge competition as to law school to zero, — says Evgeny Sokolov. — We have a very high pass rate, we are stable from year to year, recruited a lot of Olympiad. HSE students specializing in information technology, teach a second compulsory language is often C++. There is an opportunity to learn other languages, for example, through elective courses, many choose Java, C#”.

To learn the first programming language you can for six months. “But programming is just a tool, it by itself is hardly enough to go to work. Within six to twelve months you need to study more specialized subjects. Those who want to go into Data Science after learning Python machine learning. With this knowledge you can already go for an interview for the position of Junior.”

And what to learn more?

Basic skills and skills are not enough. You need to understand how the usual workflow in modern companies.

“Employers expect that an IT specialist has experience working in teams using programs like Jira and Confluence (that of task managers, in which employees communicate and perform the tasks on the project — approx. TASS)” — lists Maria Ignatova, head of the research service of HeadHunter company.

Good Pro know various new ways of organizing work — Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Waterfall. This is a technique that programmers come up with to work even faster (sometimes extremely fast) and better. Not all areas invented so many methods to enhance economic productivity. That’s one of the reasons why programmers are paid so well. However, not primarily so, but because they are not enough.

“A good programmer knows how to understand someone else’s code, he has a portfolio of completed works — adds Ignatova. — In the job, increasingly, there are aesthetic requirements, such as the presence of a culture of testing code love for beautiful code and elegant solutions, the accuracy and idealism in matters of interfaces”.

That we should be able to work in “Vkontakte”?

“There are no universal numbers, how many languages need to know the normal programmer as there is no understanding of what a normal programmer. To some it may be boring at the Department of research and development the largest IT giant, and someone will be satisfied to work in modest-web-Studio city N”, — says Ilya Taratukhin, senior developer “Vkontakte”.

He gives some General rules.

If you are interested in Frontend development, then you’ll definitely need Javascript.

Attracted to the financial sector? Java, Scala, maybe C#.

Mobile development? Great choice, this is a very popular specialists: iOS application I’m developing in Swift and Android applications in Java and actively gaining popularity language Kotlin. By the way, it was developed in St. Petersburg by the specialists of the Russian company JetBrains and was named in honor of one of the Islands of the Gulf of Finland.

Want to become a system programmer to write the library to work on low-level programming language or high-performance tools? Then C and C++.

And if you are interested in machine learning — learn Python.

Where to go in mobile development or working with data, you decide, but there are other areas easier and more difficult.

“Chat-bots is a good start for the student, the opportunity to enter smoothly into the programming and decide what to do next, says Taratukhin. — Still simple in the direction of web development. All the websites, experts do not suffice. But not all enjoy to deal with a variety of browsers, with their individual bugs. Although now, of course, unification in this direction was more.”

In mobile development, tells the taratuchin, specialists less than in web development, and the direction is very promising. As well as training of neural networks. “In order to train neural networks, it is better to get a proper education, he says. — It’s not necessarily about the universities, there are plenty of courses online. Now this is one of the most sought after areas of expertise in this area is small, as experts, and the need for companies to grow.”

Information security is a specific area, but if you like to look for vulnerabilities in the software, then why not, he says. “To protect the product, you first need to learn how to hack it. If you haven’t heard about the program HackerOne (hackerone.com), I recommend to meet her. This is a great opportunity to work with a white hacker — the specialist who informs the business about the vulnerabilities found in and gets rewarded for it”.

Why the programmer to speak in public?

If the programmer had to have perseverance and a good knowledge of materiel, today he should be able to communicate. Pros — this is no longer the stereotypical introverted nerd. Now he speaks at presentations and is able to convince colleagues and customers.

“We must overcome the fear of a clean slate, learn to ask questions and to present the results of their work, — says Ilya Taratukhin. — Know any good courses on public speaking? This can come in handy at work. At the same time, need and system thinking in work, so I have to think about how one or another part of the program written by colleagues how the tools work”.

Need a good English is the primary language to acquire knowledge about technologies and solutions to emerging problems: documentation, thematic resources, communication with authors tools. But the Chinese language is not considered important. “China is quite a closed development ecosystem. Periodically a successful solution to seep out into the big Internet, but by the time they are usually translated, sometimes even in the Russian language”, — says the developer.

… and how to get involved, to join the party?

As far as the pros are obsessed with geek culture? Is it difficult to settle among them “the common man”? Judging by the experience of “Vkontakte”, in addition to gadgets, comics, video games, they can discuss much more.

“Hobby employees of technology companies is not too different from the interests of workers from other areas, says Taratukhin. — Someone who likes to go skiing and snowboarding, someone has been diving, for others there is nothing better than going fishing. Perhaps because of higher salaries in IT sector slightly more than travelers among employees. Also there are more geeks, and therefore have someone to discuss the latest Marvel movies, the game industry or how to assemble a 3D printer. But this does not exclude the fact that your colleague wince when the next discussion of “Game of thrones” in the kitchen and quickly goes for a job”.

In “Vkontakte” there is an internal chat for various off-duty activities. “Bike tours, joint trips to karaoke and rock climbing, yachting training, chat about video games, ski trips, — says Ilya Taratukhin. Among colleagues there are marathon runners and even Ironman”.

Anastasia Stepanova

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