Generally in music there is all of human history — the revolution and stagnation, technological progress and strict conservatism. So why come up with new music? And is it possible to listen to only already invented? This is a new edition of “Cactus” with Alexey Skanavi.

Why do people tough for new music? Music perception of the person is very conservative. Most of us like only those works which are already familiar. But really its we consider only the music, which grew. So, for example, folk music of other countries we can listen to for fun or for interest but unable fully to feel it.

And with classics like? About the same: a subliminal rejection of the unfamiliar works in classical music. But it is not so much about specific works, much about the canons on which written music at one time or another.

Why would you need new music? Because in terms of music, the principle, which can be called “social order”. That is, the public pays only for the music, which at this moment in history it seems familiar, euphonious and appropriate.

Why the public still prefers Chopin and Tchaikovsky, and works by 20th-century timidly shy away from? By the beginning of the 20th century the situation has changed: the composers themselves began to dictate to the public its own terms and try to form her tastes and preferences. So that the public could perceive innovative music, it should be something familiar.

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The project was prepared in cooperation with the firm “Melody”.

In the production of sounds “Poem of ecstasy” by Alexander Scriabin, performed by the State Symphony orchestra of the USSR under Yevgeny Svetlanov.

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