Why, even the iPad Pro will not replace your laptop the end of November, Apple tried to explain to us why the new iPad Pro can become a full replacement for a computer. In a separate commercial company noted the incredible performance of the device, its convenience and versatility.

However, in real life, the iPad Pro is not even fit for full text. No, this stuff I would have no problems created on the tablet, but the same MacBook Pro fits in better times.

Sure, it’s time to accept that the tablet is a device separate category, and it will never replace the computer.

To work with it in mode computer frankly uncomfortable

The angle of the MacBook can be changed arbitrarily — given mobile device usage, it is very important

Since I started with typing, for a start, let us develop this theme.

When you are really working with this type of content for several hours, constantly changing my fit at the table, unable to move from one place to another and sometimes even beat your fingers on the keys, lounging in a chair or on the sofa.

If you are typing on a MacBook, can change the angle of the screen, choosing the most comfortable option for yourself, lowering and raising the cover.

The first case-Smart keyboard generally worked with only one angle, Smart Keyboard, Folio has two of them
At the same time, in the case of a new iPad Pro keyboard Smart Keyboard Folio you can only use two positions of the screen offered by the manufacturer. For an hour or two of work, but nothing more.

Same story with the video, working with music apps and installation. MacBook and any other computers in this respect is much better, and the tablet looks just like a compromise.

The control of the fingers is always losing the mouse and the trackpad

In this picture you can see the problem of inefficient use of the area of the touch screen

On the one hand that we without problems got fingers to the elements on the touch screen of the mobile device, they must be large enough.

On the other hand, touch screens are used in mobile devices that must be small enough that we were able to take them with you.

Received unresolved conflict: convenience requires a lot of badges and icons, and portability of small.

In this respect, much more advantageous is no less mobile MacBook. Using sensitive trackpad without any problems to get even the small icons on the screen, and this improves the efficiency of its use.

Vaunted USB-C in the iPad Pro is still limited in functions

No, USB-C has indeed become a huge step forward for the iPad Pro, but it is lacking

Recently I got a flash drive with couple of videos from memorable events of close friends. They couldn’t run them on TV — he just refused to open the records in MP4 format with H. 264 codec.

To solve this problem, I found a suitable Converter for Mac and transfer them to AVI format with the Divx codec.

The question is, how could I handle it if I suddenly changed the MacBook Pro on iPad Pro? The answer is no.

No, I would have no problems hooked up to your USB flash drive via an adapter, but closed operating system would not give me anything to do.

The problem adapters and hubs have iPad and MacBook Pro today, just draw

Similar examples abound: connecting external hard drives, specific equipment for flashing and all that is not provided in advance of Apple.

I was particularly amused that the Apple MacBook Pro uses USB-C, while Thunderbolt 3. Using it with a computer you can connect the monitor high resolution, which will not work with the iPad Pro 2018, which does not support Thunderbolt 3.

Here is the ecosystem in which the iPad Pro given a “special” place.

iOS is still far behind macOS in its capabilities

To implement the change users could be in the style of Animoji or Memoji

Even if you just do not need a full computer at home and you plan to replace it with a new screw most do not want iPad Pro, you still have nothing.

Even the simplest Mac you can create multiple accounts for all their family members. With them, you will not interfere with each other any personal settings, files, browsing history, browser and so on.

On iPad Pro, this scheme does not work, because a change of user in iOS is simply not available, and eventually the system will become a dumping ground of information.

Just imagine how cool could be implemented to switch between user accounts using Face ID. The scanner recognizes a face and shows it from your files. But, no.

All because of the origin of the operating system. iOS was originally conceived as a platform for personal smartphones, not computers, and it is in the Apple yet nothing has been done.

Power iPad Pro difficult to use, because software no
The notorious Adobe Photoshop, full version of which should appear on the iPad Pro in 2019

During the presentation of the iPad Pro 2018, I very much was surprised, when from the stage we started to talk about Adobe Photoshop, full version of which will appear on the new tablet is already in 2019.

No, it’s definitely a huge step forward, which will definitely attract more users. However, its definitely not enough to talk about professional use.

Moreover, I really wonder why Apple still not moved on so cool and professional device your Final Cut and Logic Pro?

Perhaps, therefore, the company does not want to take away share from the Mac, but I strongly doubt that anyone really wants to use such app that is on the tablet.

iPad Pro like as you pull the console-quality gameplay, but the games themselves simply no
With games even more sad situation. On the one hand, the iPad Pro even more powerful than some modern consoles. On the other hand, the games for it anyway.

Even funny to constantly read in the news about the full updates, which appear on hapless Nintendo Switch. Does the iPad Pro is also impossible to port the exact same Diablo 3?

Thoughts in brief: 5 reasons why the iPad Pro will not replace the Mac
1. Even the new iPad Pro keyboard has only two tilt angles while working with the text. This is not enough, any MacBook there are no such restrictions.

2. To control the fingers need more space on the screen, so the saturation of the interface capabilities of even the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is not so great.

3. Remember, USB-C is just the connector type. With it, to iPad Pro it is impossible to connect external hard drive or any other drive full.

4. For example, in iOS there is still no possibility to create multiple accounts for all family members or employees. In macOS it’s no problem.

5. For the new iPad Pro 2018 promise to release the full Adobe Photoshop in 2019. About the other professional software still silence.

About any full replacement of the computer using iPad Pro may not be out of the question. However, that doesn’t make the device bad. It seems to me that lately it’s just incorrectly positioned.

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