Apple is currently actively testing the new system. Users can also take part in it, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it. And here’s why.

Five years ago the beta version of iOS could establish only a select few. Apple gave the opportunity to test the system only to developers. Ordinary users had to look for loopholes to first install the new iOS.

That was interesting. In a sense, it was a quest. If you won, you can test the new firmware. Testing was the same shortcomings that remained still and probably will never disappear. They just rarely noticed because to install the beta version was much more difficult than it is now.

The first and the biggest disadvantage is the unstable version of the system. Apple does not guarantee that all will work well. On the contrary, the error is normal for any beta. Some third-party applications can fly or not to run, and that’s okay too. Not all announced at the presentation function will work. Sometimes they are added in the latest builds.

The first three beta versions are awful. Then when you add all the features, Apple’s developers begin to correct mistakes. Golden Master this latest beta version. Usually the build number is the same as the release version of the firmware. But this does not mean that there will not be problems. iOS 11 proof.

The worst thing is when you install the beta version of the device turns into a brick. It’s rare, but not write about it is impossible.

The second problem is the return to the old firmware version. I have never had this, so I used the new version of iOS from the first beta and before release. There were always some flaws which had to go back to stable version.

The problems with rollback I didn’t have, but it takes time. In my case it is an hour or two, because you have to wait to load all apps. After that, I lost the desire to install the new beta.

In my understanding, the beta version is intended primarily for developers. Give access to regular users is a big mistake. Why offer to owners of expensive devices to buy new issues? Apple is not very cheap, so I see no reason to degrade the experience of using.

Beta to test Apple employees and developers. Ordinary users must obtain a stable release that is free of flaws.


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