Several professional associations wrote a letter to the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin with the request to hold parliamentary hearings on the draft law on domestic software. It has already been adopted in the first reading. However, with the business, the deputies were not consulted, says the letter, which appeared at the disposal of the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Russian companies produce quality software, but to impose it not worth customers, said one of the authors of the appeal, the President of the Association of companies of Internet trade AKIT Artem Sokolov.

Artem Sokolov, President of the Association of companies of Internet trade AKIT “we HAVE a huge number of highly competitive software that anyone who wants to take. You can see what applications typically people set themselves when buying a smartphone: first download “Yandex. Cards”, “Yandex. Navigator”, “Sberbank online”. No one questions or challenges, in order to establish what he likes and what he enjoys. And I don’t need the law in order to download Navigator, to deal with what messenger to use and what antivirus you have, — I do not need a law. If you remember how we looks now download new phones when you buy a new phone — the phone you don’t offer any pre-installed SOFTWARE. He asked whether to restore you all that you had on the previous phone. You say: “Yes, restore to me the whole thing, my whole interface, all my settings, all my contacts, all the apps that I used, because I want to have exactly the same thing that happened before.” What kind of preset and preset what are we supposed to say here?”

The professional community does not understand who should install Russian ACCORDING to the manufacturer, and it will be a foreign company or the seller. If the manufacturer, as it can get? In addition, it is now technically difficult to do, said the President of noncommercial partnership “RUSSOFT” Valentin Makarov.

Valentin Makarov President RUSSOFT Association “the Apple or Google make their own operating system that it is known to have applications. And they say that preset, do not remove the apps because they are associated with the operating system. If you uninstall the application, it will remove and operating system. It was made specifically to win the market and not to allow anyone to remove these apps. This is a special step that violates competition, such a business model. But if we say “let’s set five Russian, five foreign”, the manufacturer of the smartphone price will set corresponding to ten applications, not five. And you will come to the store, and then suddenly the price increased two times. You also won’t like it. Of course, it would be best to have you come into the store and ordered the application itself, and you set them in the store. That would be the best option. Likely to be normal competition. The main thing is to avoid predustanovlena specific applications, this is unfair competition in Russia. Here this should not be allowed”.

The bill was developed by deputies of all factions of the state Duma. In the “United Russia” believe that the new rule should promote the development of domestic developers and enhance their competitiveness to foreigners.

In the lower house said that now collect the views of business community, deputies, authorities, and later will invite entrepreneurs and journalists at the round table.

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