What will the iPhone three cameras?

Thanks to a powerful leak from reliable sources The Wall Street Journal, it became known that at least one iPhone sample of 2019 will receive triple the camera. Given the track record of insiders WSJ in the appearance of the first iPhone from with three cameras, no doubt. But why iPhone 11 generally need three cameras?

A system of three cameras will bring to the iPhone 11 a number of important improvements. In the first place, an extra lens will give the camera the ability to capture more light. Due to this the photos in poor light conditions on the iPhone will be even better. At the same time, definitely Apple is implementing in iOS 13 iPhone 11 for a special night shooting mode, which will only emphasize the photographic capabilities of the new smartphone. This mode definitely needs to emerge, as competitors Apple similar solutions had appeared before.

A third lens will make possible a stronger optical zoom. Now the iPhone is twice the maximum optical zoom, which virtually not been improved since even the iPhone 7 Plus. Due to the triple camera, the iPhone 11 will significantly improve optical zoom, making it much more powerful.

Huawei P20 Pro — the first smartphone with triple chamber

Previous to analysts, the iPhone sample of 2019 will support three-times optical zoom. However, due to the recent announcement by Huawei smartphone release with a tenfold optical zoom (though how well it will work nobody knows), it is possible that Apple will change the plans. From the point of view of marketing three times zoom in the newest iPhone against ten of the more affordable flagship Huawei looks a bad move for Apple. So the wait should be considerably improved optical zoom, which will be possible thanks to the third lens.

And finally, triple camera iPhone 11 will allow users to carry out a full 3D shooting. According to previously released information, the main camera will have the same 3D capabilities as the TrueDepth front camera in iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. The camera will be able to create full 3D images, given the depth to take the best portrait shots with depth of field effect and work with the augmented reality object.

These improvements will definitely be the triple the iPhone’s camera 11. But, no doubt, Apple will make consumers a lot other original chips as in 2019, the company will have to try hard to attract enough customers to the new iPhone.

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