The problem of power outage in the cold is relevant for many smartphones, but most often with her face it is the owners of iPhone. In winter it can be quite and two minutes of using the device on the street below the full charge level suddenly disappeared. Nothing wrong in this situation, no. Regardless of the specific model and period of use of the Apple gadgets can be deactivated, if the temperature on the thermometer below zero. There is a logical explanation.

Why iPhone shuts off in the cold

The reason for disconnecting the iPhone in the cold lies in lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion), which are equipped with not only Apple, but many other mobile gadgets. In the cold those batteries simply lose their capacity. This is because the low temperature on the outside lowers the temperature inside the electrolyte. Such a process directly affects the ion mobility and rate of chemical reactions in General. The result is a decrease in the said C rate and greatly increases self-discharge rate.

Apple itself, of course, aware of this problem. The official website even there is a warning that correct device operation is guaranteed at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. In other words, any negative temperatures can lead to a change in the behaviour of the device and, consequently, an accelerated discharge of the battery.

What to do when disconnecting iPhone

If faced with this situation, the main thing — not to try to revive a smartphone in the cold. Get it in the inside pocket of clothes and do not remove until you go into a warm room. Immediately plug the charging cable is not worth it — the device needs to warm up to room temperature, which can take about half an hour depending on his condition. After this period, try to turn it on. If the gadget does not respond, then the battery is planted, that is, to zero. In such a situation, it only remains to connect the charger.

If the gadget is not able to boot after being in cold weather, you should try to apply a hard reset (Hard Reset). This action is used when any freezes or other problems that are not resolved with a simple shutdown and re-enabling the device. On new models the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS and XR Max to do this, first press and release the button to increase the volume, click the volume down and after 10 seconds hold down the power button. On the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Hard Reset is performed by simultaneously pressing down the volume down and power button. IPhone 6S, 6S Plus and earlier models you have to hold the Home button and the power button for 10 seconds. If the hard reset steps to no avail, you just have to contact the authorized service center.

How to avoid problems with the iPhone in the cold

When you exit the winter on the street a smartphone must always be in the inner pocket of your jacket. This is the most warm place, where the influence of negative temperature would be minimal. The jeans pocket, outer jacket pocket or bag for these purposes is not suitable. If you used to use the gadget in any weather, take care of the special fabric cover, which could become an additional protection from the cold. Also worth thinking about a wireless headset that would allow you to chat on the phone without removing it from his inside pocket. In an extreme case to try to avoid hypothermia device in winter you can use energy-intensive applications, to be exact — demanding mobile games. It can be Pokemon GO, Asphalt 9, PUBG Mobile or any other action with three-dimensional graphics. However, it is worth considering that these games are themselves strongly planted the battery, so this heating method may not be very effective.

It is worth noting that a quick discharge in the cold does not degrade the characteristics of lithium-ion battery if it is not abused. Importantly — in any case do not try to charge the iPhone in sub-zero temperatures and especially not to warm it with a hair dryer and other sources of hot air. Remember that high temperature — and it was over 35 degrees Celsius — can cause much more harm to your battery than cold. And simple degradation of the battery with the consequences in this case will be the lesser of two evils.

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