Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is known for its accurate Apple predicted that all three models of the iPhone sample 2020 will have the support 5G. On the one hand, it is definitely a great marketing factor for Apple gadgets next year, but another nail in the coffin of the models that will be released in 2019.

All three models of iPhone that will be released in 2020, will be supported by 5G, according to MacRumors citing analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Initially, Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that only two iPhone sample 2020 will be the fifth generation, and the third, the budget option, will settle for 4G. However, given the recent acquisition of the modem business from Intel, Apple will have additional resources to equip all of its 5G future gadgets, he said.

In addition, when the fifth generation in all iPhones would help “Apple” to better compete with cheaper Android-based smartphones, which will also receive support 5G.

Ming-Chi Kuo points to the fact that by 2020, users will be assured that support 5G will be considered a must-have feature in smartphones, which means all the other gadgets will be obviously a severe disadvantage.

In addition, analysts believe that developments in the field of 5G will help Apple to better develop the technology of augmented reality (AR) to which the company made a bet a few years ago.

It is expected that in the iPhone of 2020 will have modem chips from Qualcomm, as Apple does not have time to produce their own chips. Rumored to own chips from Apple won’t be ready until 2021.

Also Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the emergence of new dimensions to line 2020. He said that in a year there will be two new iPhones that will be successors to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

The display size of the small model will be not 5.8 inches and 5.4 inches.

Thus, the iPhone from the new line will decrease relative to its predecessors — the screen is 5.8 inches have the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

Along with this large model will be bigger on the iPhone XS Max — 6.7 inches instead of 6.5 inches. In addition, it is expected the third model is 6.1 inches, which will be the successor to the iPhone XR.

Experts believe that the new ruler 2020 will accommodate a variety of custom flavors that can raise sharply the popularity of iPhones on the market. Indeed, iPhone sales are a headache for Apple — they dropped sharply during the festive season 2018-2019. The appearance of gadgets with 5G can spur users who refused to iPhones, to go back to “Apple”.

However, by 2020 it is necessary to survive, and in 2019 Apple will release three more gadget, the presentation of which will take place in September. The feeling that every news about smartphones next year, pounding the nail in the coffin of fall iPhones.

Internet users who heard about the plans to introduce 5G gadgets 2020, learned only one important detail — iPhones 2019 is not worth buying.

“Cool, so iPhone 2019 — just a waste of money. I won’t,” writes user AppleDrum.

“Given all the good that will remain in 2020, will Apple produce something attractive and decent in 2019?” — interested in Infinite Vortex.

“It turns out, there is no reason to buy iPhones 2019… If the rumors are true, I will not change phone until 2020,” agrees a user iReality85.

But the lack of attractive features in the iPhone, which will be released in September, is only half the problem. In the middle of the month, the network appeared the video, which you can see the “dummy” iPhone 11 — the so-called non-functional smartphone that allows you to estimate future appearance is not yet ready device. Such “dummies” are based on rumors and leaks.

Many users who watched the video, the new gadget did not appreciate, calling it “the ugliest in history.” Most went to the square convex platform for cameras, which is in the upper left corner of the back cover of the device.

“I’m gonna miss the iPhone 11, until Apple come up with another design of the camera. This looks terrible,” wrote a user Sparkel Hendricks.

“That’s disgusting! Poor Steve jobs… He would be furious if I saw it,” agrees Cthulhu Sleeps.

Thus, iPhone 2019 before the official release is an outsider — neither its design nor function are not attractive for users who are already focused on the gadgets of next year. We can only hope that Apple has enough resources to survive the year and keep those loyal customers who have remained with the company.

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