Even though one of the first to introduce a digital camera.

On 28 March 1995 Kodak released its first massive digital camera Kodak DC40— the second in history after the Apple QuickTake 100. In reality, both of these camera versions of the same model, which was developed and produced by Kodak. That is, the company has agreed to give primacy and Apple has postponed the release of the revolutionary gadget under its own brand for about a year.

The Kodak DC40 was ridiculous by modern standards characteristics. The matrix resolution of 512×768 pixels were given a 0.4-megapixel still photos. Fixed focal length lens (37 mm) means the lack of optical zoom. On Board there were only 4 megabytes of memory, and expand it — the slot for flash cards was missing. Didn’t have the camera and LCD screen. For all the dubious (again — in the current presentation) a treat it was to pay $ 1,000.

About this camera now few people remember, but the QuickTake 100 and is called among the most disastrous of Apple products, underscoring the depth of the fall of the company in the era of “no jobs” (founder of the company left it then for about a decade).

In bankruptcy and stupid now position Kodak to blame managers who:

Until the last moment believed that digital cameras will be indefinitely inferior

Earn big money on technology print photos and thought to print photos of people will always

Not developed major components of their cells and ordered them from third party suppliers. At first it was profitable, and then the suppliers could not invent, and new suppliers of components cost as that of competitive cameras Kodak to create has not worked.

28 Mar 2008 hackers attacked the flashing GIF images online support forum for epileptics. Has struck a nerve. Or more accurately, sick. Attackers using a script published a lot of posts animania causing the migraines and epileptic seizures. The messages were so many that to remove them or even scroll fast enough was impossible.

The participants of the online forum blamed the attack on followers of the hacker community Anonymous. In turn, Anonymous claimed that the attack is the Church of Scientology, and the goal of the attack on the epilepsy patients was to spoil the opinion of the public about Anonymous and about their “struggle against this virulent organization”. However, officials did not name the perpetrators of the incident.

Although Internet forums and websites organizations are hacked every day — sometimes in the fight, and sometimes just to “skills show” — this case was one of the few, when operated disease of visitors to a particular site.

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