TikTok is a social network where users create and exchange short video messages. The beauty of the application is that it contains a functional video editor with a variety of effects and music tracks. Some bloggers even admit that to edit the video in the TikTok is much simpler than the program for installation.

In a month, it is used by 8 million users in Russia: they have viewed 10 billion videos in a month and carry out in Annex 39 minutes a day.

In 2018, the program downloaded over 660 million times worldwide, making it the most popular app in the Apple App Store for the year and fourth in popularity in the Google Play.

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In December 2018 TikTok provided data confirming its popularity for the year, he managed to score 75 million new users, which is 275% higher than in 2017.

As TikTok became popular

The new application initially was the audience, which has moved from a service called Musical.ly: it appeared in 2014 and allowed you to record a short video with music.

During the existence of the app managed to gain 100 million users from around the world. However, the company Bytedance closed its Musical.ly and users are transferred to your accounting service TikTok. By the time he was mainly known in China: monthly it was used by about 300 million people.

After that, the number of users in the app continued to grow rapidly. There are a couple of reasons.

The available music.

TikTok have an extensive library where you can pick up a track from any category. A surprising result was the opposite effect: sometimes users popularized songs that had no apparent success. It happened with the track of rapper Lil Nas X — Old Town Road. One of the users has launched a challenge to this song: as a result of its supported by over 3 million people, and the arrangement lasted for the first place of the Billboard the longest in history.

The friendly community.

Here you can open your mouth to the music, not hit the notes, remove obsolete camera and still not run into haters. From content TikTok do not expect sorkasta: the mission is to have fun with the rest. So there are a lot popular — flash mobs, where people repeat a certain action or dance.

“Now repetitive and boring” content.

Based on its algorithms TikTok offers interesting for members content with special feed. Short pyatnadtsatisekundny video are scrolled instantly, giving place to new videos and challenges. No need to dive, to read long texts, to learn the interface: smart band draws from the head, offering new topics, in which anyone is eager to join with his video.

A promising platform for advertising

TikTok is a new, popular and yet not superheated advertisers platform. Competition in the social network is weak, because many brands out there yet. The user base is growing rapidly, and at the same time there is a shortage of content. As a consequence, a huge organic reach unlike other social networks, information overload.

Another advantage — the opportunity to address the audience of people who are 13-25 years — the generation that is so desirable for many brands. The solvency of some subscribers is low, but with 18 years consumer is ready to afford a particular product.

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The social network there are a number of other features. For example, the format of creative Stories similar to Instagram. The cost in Russia is comparable to Facebook; although, for example, as a result of our work with the app “Rosstrappe” price for the installation turned out to be 50% cheaper, but the customer “Cars.ru” the CPM was 75% lower than the same Facebook. All need to test. But knowing the specifics TikTok, its target audience, target, it is possible to work and achieve good results.

The service gives you to work with performance (CPI, CPA), and brandformance (CPC, CPM). In other words, the social network is successfully used as a reach channel, allowing a relatively low cost per click or thousand impressions. Targeting is customizable by age, location, and interests. Placement on the platform is suitable for customers on mobile tracker Appsflyer, Adjust, or mobile web. resources: TikTok integrates with them, allowing you to get detailed statistics.

More profitable to cooperate with official partners TikTok. They facilitate financial issues: the service does not accept payment in rubles, and work with the reseller solves this problem. There are other benefits:

TikTok provides partners with exclusive access to tools that have not yet come into wide access;

the partners formed a direct link with the managers of the application: no need to wait for an answer of the support and thereby lock the workflow.

another plus established contacts through the service in the compilation of bloggers.

TikTok picks bloggers have confirmed activity. So, if the challenge is agreed upon, the Manager TikTok provides a file with the accounts, coverage, value, and contacts. After that, the Agency associated with any bloggers and agrees on the publication.

Important profit work with Agency partner — creation of the working content. Users to better go creatives that last up to five seconds. They are not overloaded with information, do not violate the feed and provide the necessary information before the subscriber chooses to scroll through the annoying ads. However, the dynamics of the social network entails implications — creatives can burn for a couple of days, so they have to constantly change.

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To increase brand awareness and involvement of the audience, you can use several types of arrangements.

Challenges company comes up with a creative concept, developing and promoting the hashtag, thus creating a new movement.

TopView is a new format that allows you to be in the top impression: the ad will be displayed once the user has opened TikTok.

Brand Takeover — image or a short (three-five seconds) video that appears when opening the app. This format increases brand awareness and increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Create a Branded Effect: filters, masks, stickers, effects that will only be associated with your brand.

Integration among bloggers, popular TikTok. There you can find representatives of all ages with professional and Amateur video content. Due to the ineffective monetization of bloggers willing to respond to offers of cooperation.

In-Feed Ads — a video ad format of storytelling. Can contain multiple clickable elements, or to encourage users to switch to your business account.

Native videos appear in the feed along with the usual videos, and the subscribers did not even know what it is. So, our Agency did the video in the format of In-Feed Ads, where users are told how to use the app “Rosstrappe”. This format is credible, and the story is perceived inseparably from a common tape without causing irritation or desire to switch to the hype.

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In the end

TikTok is becoming a trend in promotion. Therefore, regardless of the success of the campaign in this social network, TikTok worth investing now.

Even if the hype dies out, you get advertising at a reasonable price in the future will redirect the audience to other web resources. But if TikTok will become the next Instagram, you will have an advantage over other players in the form of organically shaped auditorium.

That’s what rules you need to follow to progress on TikTok was successful.

Don’t forget about age of CA.

If the target audience of your product — people from 13 to 25 years, and the goods are low value, or it is adapted specifically for young people (whether rates or credit card) — you have a particularly high chance of success.

Often change creatives.

Users TikTok daily prolistovat dozens of videos. The same type of creatives in the ribbon, quickly get bored and stop working. Try to constantly invent something new: it will help to hold the attention.

Stay tuned for more content creatives.

Music, dynamic storytelling, a little intrigue — users love it in the commercials of bloggers and expect the same from you. Test creatives, monitor the results and optimize your content — without the basic Analytics are not enough.

Brevity — the sister of talent.

Even little fifteen-second promotional video — too long for TikTok. Five seconds is the best option: at this time, the user will not have time to switch and is inadvertently going to watch it to the end.

Interaktiv — sister involvement.

People love to push buttons and see what happens. Give them this opportunity: involvement in the movie will eventually lead to the involvement in your product.

Work through partners or Resellers.

Payment in dollars and wait for the response from managers is only a small part of the obstacles with self-promotion. Cooperation with partners will greatly facilitate your work (and life).

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