Modern smartphones know where are their owners and store data about visited places. We show you how to prevent your device to collect them.
Perhaps you never thought about it, but if your smartphone has a GPS module and you have not changed settings, geolocation, gadget remembers the places you visit, and records them in a special journal. It does not matter whether you use an iPhone or any Android smartphone.

Apple and Google explain this behavior by the fact that the information collected serves to provide relevant results when working with their services. For example, in iOS the location data are used for weather reports, maps and geotagging photos. Android location history helps Google to offer optimal routes and more accurate the search results.
How to view location history

To view the log history of the last visited places on iOS, go to “Settings” → “Privacy” → “location Services” → “System services” → “frequent locations”. Here in the “History” section will show the place where you visit often. Each record can open and view the coordinates on the map.

On Android statistics too. See it under “Location” → “location History”.
In addition, last visited locations are displayed in the web version of Google Maps no matter which device you use Google services. Here are more detailed stats: locations are shown as points on the map, there is a division by date. If enabled, you can see exactly where you were at one time or another day.
How to disable the collection of location data and delete them Despite assurances from the companies about anonymous usage data, you can prevent this kind of interference in your life. To do this simply:

On iOS you need to toggle off “frequent locations” section under system services. There is also a button “Clear history” which will delete all the data.
On Android need the toggle switch is in the “location History” settings geolocation. If you want to delete, click “Delete location history” and confirm the deletion.

After these manipulations your smartphone fails to remember where you have been, and will not store the history of last visited places.

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