More and more people abandon traditional quartz timepieces on the wrist in favor of so-called smart watch mini smartphone in the case of traditional Breguet.

Apple Watch

Price: 15-33 thousand rubles

Products of the Californian company is the actual leader of the market of smart hours.

Apple Watch to track your heart rate, know how to take ECG, watching the cycles of sleep allow you to read notifications and answer calls, and also to pay for purchases and manage several functions of the phone.

The only obstacle is they work only in conjunction with an iPhone, so owners of phones on Android they don’t pay.

Samsung Galaxy Watсh

Price: 3-31 thousand rubles

Apple’s main rival offers a wide range of wrist gadgets for any money.

The cheapest models are equipped with a simple screen and a minimal set of functions like pedometer and vibration for alerts. More expensive models offer all the same as the Apple Watch, but can boast of additional software functions: determination of the level of stress and the control of seven different types of activities like Jogging, swimming and others.


Price: from 6 to 14 thousand rubles

The young producer has put forward the idea of hybrid technology, combining classic quartz movement with arrows and an electronic dial.

Watch measure heart rate, monitor physical activity, take calls, show notifications; equipped with a mechanism for setting the hour and minute hands in a horizontal line for readability from the screen.

Able to hold in smart mode, up to three days, and in the mode of hours a month.

Casio G-SHOCK GST-B100

Price: 25 thousand rubles

Smart watches are not capable of anything. Brutal in appearance, they are powered by solar panels, work up to a year without recharging the power saving mode. Connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and can sync with the selected dial via the app time server: supports up to 300 cities in all time zones.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41
Price: 195 thousand roubles

The premium Swiss brand are set to release a smart watch.

The traditional functions of the smart timepiece are complemented by a ceramic case, sapphire crystal and a unique collection of straps.

Watch for the wealthy, not ready to change your metal Breguet on recycled aluminium Apple Watch.


Vitaly Karels, marketer:

— Today, smart watches have come into our lives as firmly as smartphones. This handy device is well suitable for sportsmen, who are actively watching their figures and ordinary people that the chronometer will warn that they too sat on the chair. Lineup from different manufacturers rich and suitable for every budget.

Gadgets to save people’s lives. There are examples

Smart watch is not just an interesting accessory, showing the time and distance traveled. Sometimes these gadgets help to save lives.

One of the useful functions that appeared in the past generation smart watches from the Apple Watch Series 4, sensor drop. If the gadget using the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer will register a decline in its user, then displays a notification that asks you to confirm that everything is in order. If a minute virtual button is pressed is not, then the watch will automatically contact emergency services or have been established in the memory of contacts for emergency communications. This practice has already shown its usefulness in saving life from drowning, to people with heart attacks and even cyclists. Now the list of achievements of smart watches another new addition to preventing serious crimes.

Not so long ago the US was attacked by the unknown. The crime was carefully prepared — the attacker made a copy of the house keys and a copy of the card guard at home. Waking up from barking dogs, the woman noticed the silhouette of a man in connection with the inability to reach for his phone, typed a message to her boyfriend, with hours being able to pretend and continue to pretend to be asleep. The young man called the police, which arrested the man, a mask, plastic handcuffs, gag and a knife. So, don’t be hours, visit the alleged thief could end very badly.

In recent years, such cases occur more often. Yes, many people fear that the abundance of sensors and ways of conveying information to the wearable device will threaten our privacy, yet we find that they often help to save life than to destroy it, — said the expert in information security Anton Datsuk.

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