All subscribers of “MegaFon” need to know.

Cellular operators from time to time connect to the subscribers of various paid services. Most often, the operators warn subscribers about connecting services through SMS, however, notifications are not always. In particular, when callers are transferred to another tariff plan, including by force. At the beginning of November “MegaFon” translated many of the subscribers to the new tariffs, along with it connecting and new paid services.

Even in the summer, MegaFon warned subscribers that the part of the tariff plans will be transferred to the archive. Subscribers to the old rates received notification that within the next months they will be transferred to new tariff plans. Under the distribution were subscribers of different variations of tariff line “All inclusive”.

The planned transfer is being progressively implemented. In late October, subscribers are increasingly began to receive SMS warning that their numbers are activated new tariffs, which charge 50-100 rubles more than on the old tariff plans. About this users report on social networks.

The subscribers emphasize that the problem is not only in the new tariff. Together with the activation of the tariff plan for the number base connect paid services. Their connection happens automatically when you change the tariff plan. MegaFon does not announce them in a separate SMS, and subscribers must be vigilant.

All subscribers of MegaFon, who in recent times was connected to a new tariff, it is recommended to go to the personal Cabinet and peruse the list of connected services. Activated paid option you can turn off the usual way. However, to get the money back in that case, if a service has already been charged, unfortunately, will not work.


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