In 2018, when the shelves were only large smartphones, need of the tablet no. Exactly.

The first tablet came out eight years ago in 2010. Then most people have in the pockets were still keypad Nokia, Blackberry sometimes and very rarely the iPhone, which was uncomfortable to do anything. The computers were not very fast, with a laptop to walk around the city uncomfortable, so buying iPad or any other analogue was logical. But times have changed.

iPad 2010

Now everyone has a smartphone with a large screen that is comfortable to play games, watch movies, read books, sit in social networks and get stuck in YouTube. Why lug around a large tablet, when all you need is the iPhone, Galaxy or Pixel?

Samsung Galaxy S9

Sales of tablets are constantly falling, while the number of companies producing them decreases exponentially. Companies like Apple are upgrading these devices less and less. And all with an ulterior motive: in 2018, just no need for a tablet, it’s a relic of the past.

Imagine that you have, for example, an iPad, and if that was indeed the case, then think about what you need and what situations the gadget is simply irreplaceable. If I could think of “to watch movies or to read books,” is only for those opportunities you are willing to pay 25 000 rubles (the cost of the latter is 9.7 mm iPad)?

The 9.7 mm iPad 2018

The tablet is not even a professional tool: it is difficult to type text, draw, while Apple says that the iPad is perfect for this, create your video, edit photos, write music, and so on. For all of the above require either the computer or special tools, but certainly not a tablet.

Therefore, before buying obviously unnecessary devices, think, and do I need it really. I think – no. Try to convince in the comments.


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