The sorcerers, astrologers, and mediums a major problem — the Russians do not believe in them. Despite the abundance of television shows that showcases the alleged psychic abilities, in just 10-15 years the citizens of the country lost its “mystical attitude”. This indicates very significant changes in the state and society have no relation to magic.

According to research VTSIOM, in greater extent, the faith of citizens in the treatment of disease by hypnotism and biofield: with 63% and 49% in 1990 to the current 22% and 16%, respectively. This is logical: during the late Soviet Union such theories were being studied, and the potential of the human body were determined higher than it is now.

During the same period, the number of those who believe in transmission of thought at a distance decreased by 23 percentage points (from 41% to 18%) in the UFO — 13 (from 33% to 20%), in divination and divination — 12 (from 43% to 31%), witchcraft and the building damage by 6 (from 37% to 31%).

The share of fans of astrology and horoscopes in less than 20 years — since 2000 — has fallen by half: from 33% then to 15% now.

That refers to the superstition, still prevalent belief in omens: 33% vs 50% in 1990.

In addition, significantly increased the share of those who admit the possibility of communication with spirits of the dead (i.e., spiritualism) — from 10% in 1990 to 13% today.

Some of these items the surveys were conducted in 2000 and 2015. And what is interesting: in the case of divination, witchcraft, spiritism and signs of the peak of interest occurred in the interim period. That is, in witches, ghosts and bad karma from the black cats in the late Soviet Union believed considerably fewer people than in post-Soviet Russia. But this is what seems to be the greatest wildness. At least, the existence of other intelligent beings in an infinite universe the wave is valid, but the possibility of transmitting thoughts at a distance is also actively exploring at present.

Another thing is that 1990 — it is “not quite the USSR.” With the weakening of censorship and ideological oppression in “restructuring” the interest in everything paranormal and anti-science are skyrocketing, and this applies not only to witchcraft and come out, but also to traditional religions. Residents of the state built on the tenets of materialism, suddenly the whole world began to “charge the water” in front of the TV, despite the high (really high) the availability of traditional medicine.

But why citizens of “the most reading country in the world” was so vulnerable to archaic beliefs, which for 70 years had to be completely etched universal secondary education?

There is a hypothesis, according to which a decisive role was played by the decline of confidence in the Soviet power in the 1980-ies. The logic is roughly the following: if the Communist party is constantly lied to the people about the events of real history and life in the West, she probably lied on other issues — “hid God” and other secret knowledge.

That is, the discredited Soviet administrative system at the same time discredited and pride of the country — the Soviet science.

Simultaneously, the press has embarked on the path of commercialization, and the “astrological forecasts for the week” appeared on the pages of the leading socio-political publications of the country. In parallel they also discussed “the predictions of Vanga” or “the phenomenon of the film”, and there, side by side, was published advertising “witches”, “to remove damage” and “placing a spell”. And for all of this the Russians were ready to pay money, often considerable.

The rescue of drowning, as is known, the handiwork of drowning. What’s more interesting is the cause of the fracture, because the authorities in any way did not hinder the communication of the Russians with the “unknown” and did not strip from him the information space. Even the Russian Orthodox Church was focused on quite different issues, limiting the overall condemnation of the “devilry”. In the end, the level of interest in astrology and witchcraft, fell as if by itself, despite the presence of popular shows like “the battle of psychics”.

Psychologists from the University of Queensland in Australia conducted a series of experiments and came to the conclusion that more people are starting to believe in the supernatural when you feel helpless and vulnerable in real life. “A sense of loss of control is unpleasant. And one of the ways to return it is to believe that the future can be foreseen,” said study leader Catherine Greenway.

Thus, according to scientists, the belief in the paranormal not so much characterizes the identity of the person, how many signals his General dissatisfaction with life. Fortune tellers and horoscopes is what allows people to relieve stress, compensates for experience, so the growing popularity of “magic” and “clairvoyance” is a signal of serious social problems in the country.

At the same time there are studies indicating that belief in the supernatural is not always destructive. Of course, it is an easy plot for fraudsters profiting from public neurosis, but the hope for a different kind of amulets and talismans often allows the person to focus and believe in themselves in an important situation for him.

Independently there is a variety of alternative medicine, operates magical or pseudo-scientific ideas about the nature of things. It can really be dangerous because they replace real treatment to a placebo. And this is quite an urgent problem even for those people who are well cannot be called fools.

A well-known example is one of the founders of Apple, Steve jobs, died at 56 from pancreatic cancer. This form was considered operable, but the inventor has relied on acupuncture and mediums, and when still agreed to the surgery, it was too late — the tumor has had time to metastasize to the liver.

That is why in the field of unscientific approaches to health care counter-propaganda is still underway. About two years ago, RAS has officially recognized homeopathy pseudoscience. Now her special Commission on the order of denial of HIV as well as astrology.

But in the field of astrology, as evidenced by opinion polls, Russian society is “cured” itself and is now average for the Western world. So, according to the survey of the University of California Chapman, astrological forecasts and other future predictions I believe about 14% of Americans, that is about the same as Russians.

The conclusion is clear.

It is not that the mystical approach to reality was discredited science with her hand full explanation of those or other “unknown evidence” existed before, such as “psychic abilities” Ninel Kulagina who survived the posthumous rise in popularity after the collapse of the USSR, was studied in Soviet research institutes, where they came to the conclusion that we are dealing with a con artist.

And that after the devastation, chaos and a breakdown in the usual social norms in the 1990-ies the state, and after him and the society gradually returns to normal. People no longer feel insecure enough to seek the help of astrologers and fortune tellers, they don’t need to believe in the paranormal to protect itself from the harsh reality of the surrounding world.

Based on this, the poll recorded a really significant change in our society, with unconditionally positive. They are indicative not of greater erudition or intellect of Russians in comparison with the nineties and early noughties, and about overcoming social problems. Simply put, life has become better, and this is not mysticism.

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