It is highly plausible.

The designer Demonstrates have created probably the most realistic concept of the iPhone 11 (XI), based on the latest credible leaks about the smartphone. In particular, the concept showed how Apple could equip the iPhone 11 triple camera, making the design of a smartphone while ugly.

At the beginning of 2019, thanks to the insider OnLeaks the Network has flowed official two prototype iPhone 11. Both smartphones have been a triple, but both implementations did not like the Apple fans. The first prototype camera is a triangle on a large square platform protruding from the housing. And the second camera is placed on center — this prototype Apple fans have nicknamed “Cyclops”.

In fact, Apple may equip the iPhone 11 beautiful triple camera. Very simple and good in appearance implementation today showed the designer Demonstrates the new concept of iPhone 11. In this triple is already familiar to Apple’s vertical format. All three lenses are on one line and the flash is framed around the oval platform.

Concept 11 was generally well received by the Apple fans, who called the design of a smartphone at the moment the most successful. The concept is quite out of place — a fingerprint scanner built right into the display. Despite the fact that couple rumors about the return of Touch ID in the iPhone still was like that seems unlikely. The reason is simple — Apple has repeatedly stated that the time Touch ID is passed as a function of Face ID more comfortable and safe.

Apple will unveil a new iPhone at the presentation of 11 in September 2019.

Source: YouTube.


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