Created quality concept 2019.

All iPhone sample of 2019 will be seriously updated. According to authoritative insiders and analysts, Apple is planning to release smartphones with improved design and lot of new functions. Some of the innovations expected in the iPhone 2019 is already known, allowing the designer Concept Creator to create a quality concept XI.

New iPhone concept XI is based on the recent leaks from insiders. The smartphone has a significantly updated design, the main feature of which is almost completely edge-to-edge display. Frame around conceptual iPhone XI was reduced even more, but most importantly, they all have the same size.

According to the designer, Apple will refuse to cut the sides of the top frame by making holes in the display for the front camera. Such solutions are now actively used manufacturers of Android-based smartphones. Note that insiders are not sure that Apple wants to use similar technology in their smartphones. According to some experts, Apple is planning to create its own original solution to achieve full bezremontnoy display.

Also, the concept focuses on a triple-camera iPhone XI. Indeed, rumors about Apple’s plans to equip the flagship of the sample 2019 system of three cameras had appeared before. However, no specific data on the technical characteristics and resolution of cameras has not been received.

Of course, the new iPhone XI’s not going to be exactly the same as in the presented concept. However, the concept is to look at the overall changes that, according to rumors, Apple intends to implement in the next-generation iPhone.

Source: YouTube.


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