Insiders said that Microsoft is preparing to add to Windows 10 a new way of system restore and rollback to factory settings. At the moment, in order to do this, you need to use a system image, recorded to external media, and in the near future would be realized much easier. This will require only a couple of mouse clicks and Internet access. Such a way that Microsoft did copy Apple with its macOS.

In the next update to Windows 10 will feature cloud-based data recovery. Such a method to return to the original settings is already implemented in macOS and it is called Internet Recovery. Thanks to this recovery method the user can easily return your MacBook or iMac to life without further difficulties.

According to the data available to the insider h0x0d, which just published an article about the new features in Windows 10, when you select a new recovery method, the computer itself will download from Microsoft servers needed to return to “original state” files. If necessary, the system will download the image of Windows as a whole, then there will be a full reinstall.

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