On the digital platform experiences Wink was a very popular French TV series “Gold” about the exciting everyday life of the Guiana gold miners. For the first time in Russia, the series became available in the domestic online cinema with professional translation. The first series can be viewed from the 15th of November, then every Friday will get four new episodes.

The series “Gold” is a dynamic adventure drama that takes viewers into the harsh Guiana forest. The story revolves around Vincent, a 20-year-old student-geologist from Paris, who travels in French Guiana, to complete training in gold mining company. Vincent quickly gets into a much more lucrative and dangerous world of illegal gold trading. In the Guiana jungle passions, here the interests of businessmen, gangsters, rascals, geologists and soldiers who are willing to kill anyone for a few grams of the precious metal. Filmed two seasons of eight episodes each.

In France the series with the original name Guyane became one of the most popular and has won loyal fans. In mass media the information appeared that on the order of one of the Federal TV channels removed the Russian adaptation of the series. Today you can see the original, then to compare it with the domestic counterpart.

The series “Gold” the Wink and the interactive TV packages “For lovers”, “For lovers” and “For the fans”. Everyone can find for himself and his family the best and an excellent package and bright impressions will ensure a Wink. Just Wink is available for more than 25 thousand movies and episodes of TV series.

Wink is a digital platform experiences that combines all the benefits of interactive television and online cinema. When subscribing, the content is available on any screen home TV (via a TV set-top box, apps in Smart TV, Apple TV and Android TV), smartphone or tablet (use the mobile apps for Android and iOS), laptop (using the portal wink.rt.ru).

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