Barashihina Basil Malshakov — one of the winners of Governor’s award “Our Moscow — 2018”. In the Studio of TV channel “360 Balashikha” he spoke about developing a mobile application that brought him victory in the regional competition, and shared their experiences with future applicants.

The Governor’s award in the amount of 400 thousand rubles, the developers have invested in the development of their project — the mobile application “100-day workout”. The updated app is named Sotka. It gives both beginners and professionals the necessary knowledge about healthy lifestyle practices, but can also tell you how to eat right and to increase or decrease body weight. In the creation of applications Vasily put his personal experience, acquired over years of training.

“At 18, I was very different from the peers in her physical form, was unsportsmanlike and too thin — 62 kilograms for 180 cm of growth, and physical culture are not really friends. At some point I realized that it was time to change, and came to the workout. The first years of my training were held in the schoolyard of gymnasium №3. There were a lot of errors, I worked on all sorts of strange programs from the Internet, check for yourself many of the myths. Had to filter the information. If there was Sotka, I would have avoided many problems. I soon found like-minded people and became involved with them”, — shared the athlete. The Basil has not stopped. He met with the creators of the workout program “100 days workout”, which once started his career and which is now engaged hundreds of thousands of users of the application, and offered them cooperation, proved quite successful.

“The software guys have created and launched in 2011. Then I began to actively communicate with them, and in 2017, we decided together to make the app to keep up with the times. Because the app is much more people could learn about the program. By profession I am an engineer-surveyor, but are not limited. We have made this app a joint effort: I created a road map, someone was developing the code, somebody in design, and so on”, — said Vasily Malshakov.

Over time, the team of developers and testers of the app has increased from five people to several dozen. While most of them worked, that is, for the idea.

“Sport for us is a favourite hobby. We promoted the idea that fitness should not be paid, and “stodnevka” has become an expression of our philosophy. If a person once held this program, it will not require additional courses, personal trainers, and pay programs,” — said the athlete.

At the time of filing the application for Governor’s award the application was around 100 thousand downloads. A year later, this figure reached 200 thousand. After winning the competition the developers have improved the app on the Android platform, and also made a version for personal computers and iPhone, added support for “smart hours” Apple Watch.

“We were able to create an app for the iOS platform (mobile operating system, which is operated by Apple device — BB). In AppStore (Apple app store — BB) we already two times became “App of the day” — go forward with big steps!” — said Basil Malshakov.

The average age of users of the application Sotka — 30-35 years, but engaged on the programme and six year old children, and pensioners. The app not only distributed over the Internet in Balashikha and other cities have curators. In addition to the application, the athletes carried out workshops and General training.

“Start the application we have twice a year — spring and autumn launch of the “hundred-day’s rest”. In addition, we conduct joint trainings on city streets. In Balashikha we supervise the Playground on the street Twardowski and every day at eight o’clock in the evening, all train together. There are always enough people can come, ask advice, show your technique and we will show, for example, that it is necessary to tighten to no pain. Such trainings are held in almost all cities where there is the curator. We are not coaches professionals, we are ordinary people with relatively more experience to help someone and to share knowledge,” explained the athlete.

He believes that children need to get involved in sport. Allow the children to this will help the game elements are implemented in the card game WorkOutLandS. The game has its own page in social network “Vkontakte”.

“A year ago I started to develop neazartnyh card game for children. As a rule, they are difficult to interested in training children is boring. I decided to go through fantasy style, use of characters such as goblins, orcs. Children have to fight with these creatures by push-UPS and sit-UPS. The game is actively used in Russia on the General duties “of stodnevka”, in Chita also conducted training. Soon in Sochi will host a festival quest in the Park — there we will also have games for children”, — said Vasily Malshakov.

In 2019, the athlete decided not to participate in the contest for the Governor’s award “Our Moscow — 2019” — an app for children has not yet been brought to perfection. But won a year ago, the victory was a major step forward.

“Winning the award has given tremendous confidence and new opportunities for further development. Want to see all the talented people of Moscow had the opportunity to support both moral and material. The most important thing in a successful project team. You need to have a cohesive team of like-minded people who will always support you, will help with all the difficulties, paperwork, collecting signatures. Well, proper execution of the project is an important aspect. You need to clearly understand why you need it and who can help,” shared experience is the winner of Governor’s award.

He wished good luck to the participants of the competition “Our Moscow — 2019”.

“Everyone needs to become better previously. Need to compete not with others but with ourselves”, — said Vasily Malshakov.

To familiarize with the program a 100-day workout on the site

Daria Pshenkina

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