Scammers and hackers are now expanse. Tell how to protect yourself.

Black Friday draws crowds of people, and where the crowd is, there are always scammers. This means that with Internet purchases on Black Friday and cyber Monday should be extremely cautious. You can meet crooks, eager to cheat you on the amount much larger than you expect to save money on TV and games console.

The following precautions will not hurt at any time of year, but in anticipation of major holidays on them is to remind separately. In the days of feverish buying of boom it is easy to miss the warning sign or to neglect network security.

Update the software

The good news for us users, is that Microsoft, Apple, Google, Mozilla and other tech giants are well learned to detect fraud — whether it’s a phishing e-mail (to lure you to a fake website for purchases or in fraudulent banking transactions) or unauthorized entrance into the system.

To squeeze maximum benefit from security features built into Windows, macOS and your favorite browser, make sure that you have the most recent version — that is, if you repeatedly postponed the last a pack, don’t forget to set it to Black Friday.

These updates are so important that they abandon them altogether or again to postpone will not be easy — will receive regular reminders that your software is out of date. If the laptop is too old to work with the latest versions of Windows or macOS, try a smaller one to use — you will be safer to make purchases with your phone, if you have installed the latest updates for Android or iOS.

Keep an eye out for offers from email and social networks

In Black Friday, you are literally flooded with special offers via email and social networks. Beware of offers that are sent from suspicious sources (e.g., stores where you never buy anything). Always check that the link leads to the promised site.

Absolute guarantee that you will never turn up unreliable link, nobody will give you (the best way is not to click at all), but you can reduce the risk to a minimum: verify that the account the sender’s true, open the desired website in a separate browser window, find the same ad and check if it coincides with sent.

If in the browser there are all the necessary updates, as mentioned above, the links will be blocked even before the opening, but we still recommend vigilance. Through social networks and e-mail, you will receive many lucrative offers, but no discount not worth it, if you will fall network Scam.

Ask a question

As far as possible, stick to a well-known online stores: Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and so on. The major players have good security procedures, and the probability of cracking is much lower. And yet with every purchase check at each stage to the address bar of the browser where you are not moved you away from the site of the store.

This does not mean that buying at small, unknown online stores is impossible, but make sure they use HTTPS (the lock icon in the address bar of the browser). Search for contact details, physical address of the company and reviews left by other users (this will help the website Trustpilot). Let’s see if they have profiles in Twitter and Facebook, and check if they.

Banks issuing debit and credit cards, trying to protect you from fraud — check their security policy on the Internet if you are on this account not sure. But still keep an eye on your Bank accounts on Black Friday and check whether those charged and with the correct accounts.

Protect your account

For account security on Black Friday, watch out especially. Use strong, unique passwords (this will help you separate the Manager password or system password management for your browser) and turn on two-factor authentication for each account (from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter this feature is).

No matter how convenient to create a new customer account in the “old” password, if you will come across the attackers, all your profiles will fall one by one. If you have the latest version of Chrome and Safari, the browser will suggest you a strong password (the option appears automatically when you are in the password field).

If you are going to make purchases in retail outlets, which previously did not buy anything, set up an account in advance — so you don’t have to invent new passwords in a hurry, thus disclosing sensitive information through the browser.

Protect your payment information

In many places, where do you shop on Black Friday and cyber Monday, the payment information is already available, but if you enter data on a new website, again verify that the address bar displays a padlock symbol — the full URL must start with https — this means that your payment information during transmission will be encrypted.

If you are at home, we suggest to wait with shopping until you get back home — or at least use the mobile Internet, not a public Wi-Fi network. So hackers will be harder to intercept your data (besides no one will steal them over the shoulder).

No matter how tempting the offers of Black Friday, try to shop on the same trusted sites — the smaller companies keep your payment information, the lower the probability that they will crack. Such violations depend more on the security policy of a company, not your personal precautions.

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