The tone of the world conference for developers on the platforms of Apple (WWDC) asked Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi), head software, declaring that “iPad” will have its own operating system. “It’s time to rethink the platform in a new way,” he said.

The new operating system received the name “IPads” (iPadOS). It does not matter that just a few hours before the official presentation of the new name has surfaced in the text of their own “epplovskogo” license agreement. The essence remains the same: “iPad” will have its own operating system. And when the “iPads” will be released this fall, it will be a turning point for tablets Apple. “IPad” will no longer work on iOS and will cease to be just a giant “iPhone”. Finally he will attain his face.

But if you suddenly go into settings “iPads” with the new operating system will tell you that your device is iOS 13, and not “iPads”. (At least, it was on the demo device I saw with my own eyes — the autumn, perhaps the situation will change.) Thus, the new software “iPad” uses the same kernel that iOS and macOS, and supports the same apps that iOS. In fact, the new operating system is iOS. So why the new name?

Considered “iPads” another catchy “appleskin” neologism easy. But it’s not just the name.

For many years Apple promises a future where the role of the main computer will play the “iPad” — partly because of the power he could compete with an ordinary laptop, and partly because young people already do not see a fundamental difference between “mobile device” and “computer.” Last fall, the hardware add “Apple” to “about the iPad” (iPad Pro) impressed much more than the updates to the new “MacBook” (MacBook). While CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) was called “iPad” “the most popular computer in the world.” Notice, by the computer, not a tablet.

Now, these hardware updates will get “iPads”, making it even closer to the laptop. In “iPads” users can pin a secondary application on the desktop. It is not a full managing Windows on the desktop, but it’s something. Applications will fan out from the side panel that will simplify their switching. And it will be possible to run two apps in parallel — as tabs in the browser with the same website (even if you, like me, do not use it).

Function with macOS “show open tabs” will work and “iPad”. The Files will open in the form of a column with a preview window as the “Makovsky” app “finder set” (Finder). The culmination of the presentation “iPads” was the moment on a giant screen behind Federighi flashed a virtual flash drive — that is, the Files will be able to recognize external drives and devices. Hello, 1998!

Apple also showed an improved version of the web browser “Safari” (Safari) specifically for “iPads”. There’s Federighi — perhaps unwittingly — mentioned inescapable problem iPhones. “Today’s Internet will be divided into two categories, he said. — On the one hand, there is a mobile network adapted to small screens, and there are sites for desktop computers — they are provided under a full-scale screens of your Mac. And “iPads” these sites to look uncomfortable.” The blame was blamed on the developers websites, but actually “iPad” was always a sort of hybrid. “IPads” aims to fix it.

Name change

Of course, Apple could easily implement all of these new items and called iOS 13. But the company has a number of reasons to select the software for “iPad” under his own name.

As analyst Ben Thompson (Ben Thompson), the Creator of the website “Strattera” (Stratechery), it is a marketing ploy, but in this case it matters. “When Apple reached the peak sales of iPhones, things have “iPads” and “aimag” has stalled — some for software, others for equipment, and the question hung, and whether they are company at all. And there was real evidence that the company turned on full power.”

Its own operating system for “iPads” will impact on future developments — both inside the company and outside. You are no longer a third-party developer of applications for iOS, and working straight on “iPads”. Developers quickly learned the jargon of marketers, and software “iPad” will not be — as before — an enlarged copy of the “iPhone”.

“”IPads” is a step in the promotion of the brand, because the ability to create apps specifically for iPhones existed before, — Ghodrati Amir (Amir Ghodrati), Director of marketing research company “App Annie” (App Annie). But with the separation of the brands people will find it easier to understand what is optimized for an application”.

From the speech Federighi this week, as well as from recent meetings with representatives of the company, that Apple tend to divide the development of “iPads” and “iPhones”. For several years Apple have to develop programs for “iPads” separately, as this is necessary to keep in mind specific equipment. When in 2016 appeared “iPad Pro”, it came with specialized accessories — a stylus and detachable keyboard. They are not just stuck or connected via “Bluetooth” (Bluetooth), and originally developed for the tablet. Thus, the development of hardware and software are closely interrelated. (And “Apple” never miss a chance to once again remind the clients that she has control of everything.)

A couple of years ago software for “iPad” changed dramatically. For example, in iOS 11 in 2017 appeared features such as a dock at the bottom of the desktop, and multitasking with drag and drop. Was this disadvantages, especially for those who, like me, prefer a desktop operating system. But in less than a year as changed the wording of the question: if you had all asked “What happened to the sales of tablets?”, then all interested “And whether “iPad Pro” to replace the PC?”.


Now the main question is whether the merge line “iPads” and “poppy” together? The new operating system, where the tablet introduced a number of features of a desktop computer, suggests that this moment is not far off. This is also evidenced by the project “Apple catalyst” (Apple Catalyst), formerly known as “Marchpane” (Marzipan) — it greatly simplifies the migration of applications from a tablet to a desktop computer.

And yet this sensitive issue of touch screens. Apple already turned the “iPad” in the system input graphical information for macOS. But even at last year’s conference Federighi claimed that the constant pointing at the screen “tired arm”.

Maybe “iPad” and “Mac” will never merge, and Apple will continue to convince customers that they desperately need a number of slightly different products.

“Simplifying functions on a number of devices, Apple continues to create advantages to owners of existing products, encouraging them to further purchases in the “ecosystem” — says Julie Ask (Julie Ask), Vice-President of the company “Forrester research” (Forrester Research). In the end, functionality hours “Apple watch” (Apple Watch) intersects with the “iPhone”. And the functionality of the “iPad” with “Mac book”. What is it cannibalization? Or we simply buy new devices, because it works everywhere?”

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