The company “Apple” (Apple) held a Grand spring presentation, and the news rushed to the agitated users from the horn of plenty. The company even promised to compete with Hollywood and announced the launch of its own film Studio and television. In addition, Apple has announced its own credit card, new magazine subscriptions and even premium games. The presentation shone even Oprah (Oprah Winfrey — TV host, producer and public figure, repeatedly recognized as the most influential woman in the United States, approx. ed.) — in the slender choir of fans “uh-uh-PL!” was heard and her voice.

The event began with a market of digital news. The company emphasized the importance of the media. “Apple news+” is a premium version of the service “Apple news”, in which all subscriptions are collected together.

For a monthly fee of $ 10 you get full digital access to more than 300 magazines, including “national geographic” (National Geographic), “the new Yorker” (The New Yorker), “Popular science” (Popular Science), and even “Wierd” (Wired), not to mention the Newspapers “Los Angeles times” (the Los Angeles Times) and “wall street journal” (The Wall Street Journal). However, it is not just about the news feed on your “iPhone”. Each issue of the magazine will be laid out specifically for “Apple news” with these “chips” as a live cover. All articles will format specifically for your phone. In addition, you recommend a new read based on your interests and will offer references similar to the previously read. The offer is available for the whole family, and Apple guarantees that you will not allow advertisers to track read. “Apple news+” is available from today, the first month is even free.

“Apple TV”

New “Apple TV” will combine all your subscriptions on broadcast, cable channels and a special Supplement in a single interface. Opening the “Apple TV”, you will receive recommendations based on your preferences, as well as new releases you are interested in programs. The new feature will allow you to one click add to view TV channels “hbo” (HBO), Starz (Starz), “Comedy Central” (Comedy Central), “Em-tee-Vee” (MTV), Showtime (Showtime) and more. Vice-President “the Apple” service Peter stern (Peter Stern) promised that you’ll get “only selected channels, all in one app, and you don’t even need a new password”.

Updates to “Apple TV” will appear in may of this year. Apple also strives to make its content available for different screens: this year she will present the app “Apple TV” to “smart” TV’s highest echelon, and the player “Amazon fire TV” (Amazon Fire TV) and “the Rock” (Roku).

“Apple TV+”

Wait, that’s not all! Apple also offers original programming on a subscription. The app “Apple TV” — a sort of “Netflix” (Neflix) or “Blasphemy” (Hulu). The program begins with a star-studded list of collaborators people: the company promises exclusive content from Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg), JJ Abrams (J. J. Abrams) and Sofia Coppola’s (Sophia Coppola).

Like other services for subscribers, “Apple TV” is available in the respective app both online and offline. Prices and details of the company is not sounded, but suggested taking a look at the app “peek”. In the announcement showed shots from a sci-Fi series, Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing stories” series, Steven knight (Steven Knight) about the world of the blind, the show comedian Kumail, Nanjiani (Kumail Nanjiani) about immigrants “Little America” and the TV series “the Morning show” with Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon), Jennifer aniston (Jennifer aniston) and Steve Carrel (Steve Carell). In addition, on the stage with Oprah Winfrey appeared the character “sesame Street” Big bird.

Map “Apple”

For all new subscriptions will have to pay, right? Now, Apple has announced that it will launch its own credit card with the support of the investment Bank “Goldman Sachs”. According to the company, it will be a revolution in the world of payments.

Map “Apple” is very different from other credit cards. She had no Commission for late payment, no annual service fees or international fees. Client support is provided through the service iMessage. And although the map you can touch, made it, of course, made of titanium, — it is intended to pay via your iPhone, for example using the service “Apple pay.” “She’s always with you, in your “iPhone” in the app “wallet”,” — said the head of “Apple pay” Jennifer Bailey (Jennifer Bailey). Paying with a card “Apple”, you return 2% of purchase amount (and 3% when purchasing the goods “the Apple”). Bonus money and immediately return to app “Apple cash”. You can spend them like real money, whether online or at point of sale or transfer to friends. Each operation is confirmed by a fingerprint or by the technique of face recognition. Apple guarantees that your purchases will remain secret. The card will be available in the US this summer.

“Apple arcade”

The last of the new subscription services, the company offers premium-games. “Apple arcade” will give subscribers access to more than 100 new, specially designed games. You can play them is with all devices Apple: start with “iPhone” and continue from the same place in “Apple TV”. In addition, all games will be available offline. The company says it will invest in the development of new games and promises game of the caliber Monument Valley 2, the popular puzzle game. “Apple arcade” will be launched in the fall, price not yet reported.

The new “iPads”, “aimags” and headphones

And may today’s event was dedicated exclusively to services and services “Apple”, it does not mean that the equipment the company has done. Last week Apple released updates in the line “aypadov”, “aimag” and headphones, “airpod”. In the future, Apple expects to launch new devices, and new applications, to whet your interest. To derive maximum benefit from the card “Apple”, you will need an iPhone and to watch all these new transfers, it’s better to get an “Apple TV”.

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