Publishing The Information communicated with the employees of the Apple company and found out some details about the current ways of making important decisions inside Apple. It turned out that after Tim cook CEO Apple management structure of the company changed.

In the past Steve jobs actively participated in the creation of new products and control the process almost from the very beginning to the very end. In addition, he not infrequently supported one side in an internal conflict than a few “heated” situation in the team.

Tim cook prefers to act very differently. The current head of Apple, the company actively consults with top management. According to some, now cook regularly for about two dozen people. They are responsible for hardware and software services, artificial intelligence, marketing, Finance and other areas. This list also includes a personal assistant and cook.

In case of any difficulties, the current head of Apple prefers not to directly intervene in the process, allowing the parties themselves to resolve the conflict. This approach gave top managers a few more powers and made the Apple more like a “traditional” company. This view is shared by Professor Harvard business school David Joffe.

However, Apple still remains the executives who prefer to actively participate in the creation of new products and their opinions and authority to “push” decisions. According to The Information, the latter refers to Phil Schiller. Schiller is even a special phrase — “NFW” (no f**king way) – which is senior Vice President of marketing says every time work on the product is going to some wrong, in his opinion.


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