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Beginning of a new year is a time of predictions, but predictions is a thankless task, although, that causes a heightened interest of the audience. It often happens that the most interesting thing about the forecasts is their source, and gathering all the most terrible, the most frightening, the most disturbing forecasts to 2019, it is possible to look into the soul (and sometimes even conscience) of those who through these predictions voiced their deepest fears or deepest desires. It is difficult to measure objectively, but there is a feeling that, unlike in 2018, the predictions of our Western partners and competitors for 2019 look, to put it mildly, pessimistic. And sometimes even apocalyptic. It is clear that nobody wants to play the role of a messenger who will bring bad news, but keep quiet about the problems already not very good — so we have to talk about systemic vulnerabilities in the most mild terms.

In the Bundestag predicted the deterioration of relations with Russia in 2019

Of course, it is difficult to resist the desire slightly to sneer at some of the apocalyptic scenarios offered by Western consumers of content. But, on the other hand, it is sad and a little anxious: after all, in today’s world a significant part of the audience is ready to believe even in the rough and phantasmagorical propaganda construct, if it will be actively and professionally promoted in social networks and the media.

Each year, a leading American Agency of business information Bloomberg so-called “pessimist’s Guide” for next year. By and large, this “guide” is a kind of collection of thoughts of different analysts on the topic “what can go wrong next year?” and serves as quite a useful source of information for those who cares of various geopolitical and economic risks. This year, Bloomberg has radically departed from tradition and presented as a “Guide pessimist for 2019,” only one, but absolutely apocalyptic scenario in which the role of the main villain, which will starve hundreds of millions of inhabitants of our planet, designated person (!) Vladimir Putin. In the process of deploying a planetary famine to him, American journalists, will join Donald trump, but still the U.S. leader gets only a minor role in the organization of the planetary food crisis.

It should be emphasized that the journalists of the American Agency that is describe a hypothetical scenario and unlikely to believe in its immediate realization, but in this example you can very clearly see how their fears, and that is how it will look anti-Russian information strategy in the event of a real global crisis of any kind — because “to customize the items under” scenario will not be difficult.

In General terms, “the Apocalypse of Bloomberg” (on the Agency’s website, he appears under the name “Fire, flood and famine”) as follows: due to climate change or climate anomalies, the Earth loses a large part of the harvest of 2019, however, the same climatic aberration leads to the fact that record harvests of grain are recorded in Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

The next stage of the “Apocalypse according to Bloomberg”: on the scene of Vladimir Putin. It takes the following decision: to protect Russians from famine, grain exports will (horror of horrors!) is prohibited, and journalists, Bloomberg cited as a historical precedent for this decision the ban on grain exports that was imposed in Russia in 2010. As a result, “the price of bread in Russia is falling”, but the whole world was plunged into a food crisis, which is exacerbated by the fact that Putin ordered “to destabilize Ukraine, another grain exporter”. It is significant that American journalists do not even try to give a logical explanation for this forecast of actions of the Russian President, causing an apocalyptic scenario respectable Agency immediately falls to the level of the most stupid comic or cinematic anti-Russian “cranberry” during the Cold war.

Then everything is in the same spirit: because of the global famine of the wave of immigration rolled on the European Union, which also plunged into a crisis. Why China starts to seize disputed Islands in the South China sea, and Donald trump praises Putin and then decides to finish off the planet, forbidding, for example, the Russian colleagues, food exports from the United States, thereby accentuating global catastrophe.

It should be noted an important point: even four or five years ago even the boldest visionaries of Bloomberg not have thought that Russia may hold the keys to global grain market — for the simple reason that Russia is not even close had the developed agriculture, which she has now. Today even American journalists have become accustomed to the idea that Russia is the dominant player in the global food market and actively squeezes him American farmers, however, the Russian power in the agricultural sector becomes just another reason to accuse Russia of all mortal sins, including the desire to use this power to the detriment of humanity. It is very desirable to always remember that in the same way will chernatica any successes of our country in all possible fields of economy, science or culture. For this you just need to get used to and not even trying to win the approval of the West.

If “the Apocalypse of Bloomberg” really reflects the subconscious fears of American journalists, we can say that the “duty to blame” in case of any crisis in 2019 have already been found — it is Vladimir Putin personally, or collectively — the whole of Russia, we are with you.

However, there is an alternative version of the topic “whom to appoint guilty”. Amid a record one-day drops Apple’s stock Advisor to trump on the economy Kevin Hassett predicted the fall of revenues for many American companies in 2019 and immediately explained, it’s because of problems in the Chinese economy, which is supposedly very affected by American trade war.

So, if the current financial turbulence in U.S. markets, a full-fledged crisis, then blame China announced in advance. However, we cannot exclude that in the event of an economic Apocalypse in the U.S. and Russia will in one form or another added to the reasons for American problems. However, we’ll likely be in good company with our Chinese neighbors.

Reading the forecasts for 2019, as well as various crisis and allocating scenarios, which are discussed in the Western information field, inevitably leads to the idea that such a strong fear of crisis and such a fierce blame game even before the crisis comes, it is a clear sign that 2019 is unlikely to be pleasant for the collective West.

And the Western belief that Russia is to blame, we somehow survive.

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