Us retailer Walmart agreed to pay $282 million to end the investigation of corruption offenses of their own managers.

The US government for the past seven years investigating suspicious payments to foreign officials in countries such as Mexico and China. Finally, on 20 June, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) showed the largest volume of retail sales in the world allegations of infringements of the law on the foreign corrupt practices (FCPA), which prohibits American businesses to bribe foreign officials.

In a press release, the SEC noted that Walmart allowed third parties in Mexico, China, Brazil and India to make payments to foreign officials without ensuring that the transaction meets the requirements of the FCPA. “Walmart has put the international development and the reduction of costs above ethical norms, — commented on the verdict of Charles Kane, head of unit for monitoring of compliance with the FCPA to the SEC. Company could have avoided many of these problems, but instead repeatedly ignored warnings and postponed the introduction of a proper system of internal control over reporting”.

Walmart agreed to pay $144 million to clear the charges brought by the SEC, and an additional $138 million to cancel a parallel criminal charges brought by the U.S. Department of justice.

The company said that the payments, which had opened an investigation to the period up to 2011, and the retailer cooperated with the government, and conducted an internal investigation and has taken “significant steps” to implement a compliance program effective enough to prevent corruption in the future. The total costs for these measures Walmart valued at $900 million
“We are pleased to put an end to this trial — said the CEO of Walmart Doug Mcmillon in an official statement. — Walmart intends to conduct business properly, and this implies adherence to ethical standards wherever we operate”.

Walmart argues that the settlement agreement will not have a material impact on its financial performance. In November 2017, the company published the information that provided about $283 million in settlement of the dispute with the Ministry of justice and the SEC.

The costs of the settlement agreement — fines for the Corporation, which sales volume in 2018 exceeded $500 billion is not enough and in order to include Walmart in the list of companies, which paid the 10 largest fines for failure to comply with the FCPA. Energy company Petrobras is still in the lead after last year paid a record $1.78 bn in the framework of the settlement agreement.

Walmart settlement agreement is the result of the proceedings, started after investigation, the New York Times from 2012. The journalists found out that the retailer had made suspicious payments to officials in Mexico to obtain approval for the construction, permits, and other targets for opening new stores. When the top managers from the headquarters of Walmart learned about the violations, they, as it turned out, stopped an internal investigation and notified the authorities. Therefore, a scandal broke out only after the publication of the NYT material.

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Business in the trillions of dollars. The rating of the largest companies in the U.S. according to Forbes

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20. Morgan Stanley

New York

Revenue: $43.6 billion

Revenue: $6.2 billion

Assets: $852,6 billion

Market value: $94.4 bln

Bank holding company Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935 by Henry Morgan and Harold Stanley for the conduct of investment operations. Currently, this multinational financial Corporation, which owns a network of 1300 offices in 42 countries. Main activities — consumer lending, management of corporate assets, stock exchanges, brokerage services and investment advice.

20. IBM

Armonk (New York)

Income: $79.1 billion

Revenue: $5.8 billion

Assets: $125.4 billion

Market value: $148,2 billion

IBM is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software (the software). Since the nineties of the last century, the company provides consulting and other services; to date, the Global Services division is the most profitable in the structure of IBM. Other key units, it is the Software Group (software development), Systems & Technology Group (equipment), Watson Group (cognitive computing), and research division of IBM Research. The most ambitious project of the company is quantum processor, the prototype of which was tested in 2017.

19. Boeing

Chicago (Il)

Income: $93,4 billion

Revenue: $8.2 billion

Assets: $92,3 billion

Market value: $197,7 bln

Boeing produces the same planes, and space and military equipment. In 2017, the company took first place in Forbes rating of aircraft manufacturers. In the lineup of Boeing commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, missiles, satellites, missile defense, communication systems. Boeing also offers services for space launch vehicles, repair and maintenance of aircraft. The structure of Boeing is also part of a division of Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology and Shared Services Group that provides services, quite unusual for aviators — from fire safety to lease or purchase of real estate. The company sells its products in 90 countries.

16. Procter & Gamble

Cincinnati (Oh)

Income: $65.7 bn

Revenue: $10.1 billion

Assets: $126.6 billion

Market value: $197,7 bln

The transnational company Procter & Gamble has existed since the mid-nineteenth century. This is one of the leaders of the world market of consumer goods: P&G owns more than 40 brands with annual sales in excess of $500 million Is detergents Tide and Fairy, Pampers, Gillette razors, Braun household appliances, and many other brands. The total number of employees equal to 130 000 people in over 80 countries. In Russia P&G was the largest advertiser among all workers in the country business structures.

16. Intel

Santa Clara (CA)

Income: $62,8 billion

Revenue: $9.6 billion

Assets: $123,2 billion

Market value: $250,5 billion

One of the largest producers of microprocessors, Intel until 2017 held the lead on the volume of their output. The company’s products are used in desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, cars, production lines and medical equipment. Since 2005, Apple is using Intel chips for their devices. In addition, Intel develops software and offers consulting services in the field of cyber security and technology integration. The company has offices in more than 60 countries, the total number of employees in 2017 reached 106 000 people.


Seattle (WA)

Income: $177,9 billion

Profit: $3 billion

Assets: $of 131.3 billion

Market value: $728 billion

Founded in 1994 for online book sales, to date, the company has become the largest online store in the world. According to estimates Morgan Stanley, Amazon ranks second in the list of the largest clothing stores North America. In addition, it is the fastest growing company in US history: Amazon faster other is to record capitalization of $1 trillion. For 2017, the company employed more than 560 000 people. In the United States, Amazon is notorious for its tough attitude to employees: recycling and exits to the workplace in a weekend here are considered commonplace, and the style is easy to fire people for the slightest flaw puts Amazon in a special position relative to other American companies who still try to think about the psychological comfort of their employees.

15. Pfizer

New York

Income: $52.5 billion

Revenue: $21.3 billion

Assets: $171,8 billion

Market value: $billion of 216, 1

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Pfizer is one of the first production of penicillin in the forties of the last year, the firm became a leader in the production of the antibiotic. Today, Pfizer produces the common drugs, vaccines and toothpastes, which are sold worldwide. Shares of Pfizer are included in the calculation base of the industrial Dow Jones, the company employs about 96,000 people.

14. Comcast

Philadelphia (PA)

Income: $84.5 billion

Revenue: $22.7 billion

Assets: $186,9 billion

Market value: $154,5 billion

Comcast is the largest broadcasting company. It is the second largest paid TV provider (after at&T) in the United States; in addition, the company is ranked third among North American telcos.

12. UnitedHealth Group

Minneapolis (Mn)

Income: $of 207.6 billion

Revenue: $11.2 billion

Assets: $of 155.6 billion

Market value: $230,8 billion

The largest U.S. company that provides health insurance serves over 100 million customers. In addition, UnitedHealth Group is engaged in asset management, takes business processes to outsource and even supplies the customers specialized software.

12. Chevron

San Ramon (CA)

Income: $134,8 billion

Revenue: $9.2 billion

Assets: $of 253.8 billion

Market value: $232,1 billion

The company is engaged in oil and gas production in various regions of the world. Chevron owns refineries (refinery) in the United States, Thailand, South Africa and Canada, joint ventures with local players operate in South Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan. Chevron also controls 50% of one of the leading American petrochemical company, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.

11. Alphabet

Mountain View (CA)

Income: $111 billion

Profit: $12.7 billion

Assets: $of 197.3 billion

Market value: $750,5 billion

Alphabet — the technical name of the holding company that owns Google, and the companies Verily, Calico, X, Nest GV, Google Capital, and Access/Google Fiber. The holding company was created in 2015 to separate Internet companies from the investment and research departments. In February and may 2016 Google briefly surpassed Apple in market capitalization. In 2017, the holding was fined by European Commission for €2,42 billion for abuse of dominant market position in search engines. Among other things, different units of the Alphabet are engaged in artificial intelligence and unmanned vehicles.

10. Wal-Mart Stores

Bentonville (Ar)

Income: $500.3 billion

Revenue: $9.9 billion

Assets: $204.5 billion

Market value: $259.4 billion

In the United States hypermarkets Walmart have earned fame of stores where you can buy everything from toothpicks to the fridge. Network of Sam Walton made a bet on the format ultrabasic shops where you can spend the whole day. The company manages the world’s largest network of wholesale and retail trade in 28 countries, main regions — the US, Mexico, Canada, South America, UK, South Africa, China and Japan. In some countries, the subsidiaries are under the original names: for example, in the UK WalMart is called Asda network. In total, the Corporation uses the 59 names of the shops.

9. Microsoft

Redmond (WA)

Income: $98.4 billion

Profit: $11.6 billion

Assets: $256 billion

Market value: $739,7 billion

Microsoft know thanks to the Windows operating system and Office software, but Microsoft modern is not just computer software. The company bill gates sells the Xbox, a CRM system for organizations, Microsoft Dynamics and even cell phones under the Lumia brand. In recent years the company acquired many of the services associated with IT: among the most notorious program Skype for video calls and a cult game Minecraft. One of the latest acquisitions of Microsoft services provider to create games for the cloud-based PlayFab, the deal was announced in early 2018.

8. Verizon Communications

Basking Ridge (NJ)

Income: $126 billion

Revenue: $30.1 billion

Assets: $257,1 billion

Market value: $201,7 billion

Telecommunications company Verizon Communications is engaged in mobile communication, Internet, cable TV and all of the cloud storage service. In 2016, Verizon Communications took the second place among telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization, behind only China Mobile.

7. Wells Fargo

San Francisco (CA)

Income: $103,2 billion

Revenue: $22.5 billion

Assets: $1 trillion 915,4 billion

Market value: $246,6 billion

Along with Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase Corporation Wells Fargo included in the so-called “big four” U.S. banks, storing up to 45% of total U.S. deposits. As the Bank Wells Fargo has about 6,000 offices in the United States, which employs over 150 000 people. The company is also engaged in the insurance and asset management.

6. Bank of America

Charlotte (North Carolina)

Sales: $102.9 bln

Revenues: $20.3 billion

Assets: $2 trillion 328,5 billion

Market value: $307,1 billion

Despite the name, alluding to the nationality of the Bank, Bank of America (abbreviated as BofA is called) is 100% private company. Have a lot of BofA shareholders, among which private entities and international investment funds. Bank of America operates in 40 countries, but a key market is the US: here the Bank has opened offices in every state, and their money in BofA hold at least 10% of Americans. In total, the Bank serves 46 million customers under management Bank of America focused assets in excess of $1 trillion.

5. AT&T

Dallas (TX)

Income: $160,5 billion

Profit: $29.5 billion

Assets: $444,1 bn

Market value: $217,2 billion

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company. The Corporation maintains a count of 1885; in the twentieth century, AT&T specialized in landline telephones, but with the advent of the mobile era has successfully shifted to mobile communications and the provision of Internet services. Having over 120 million subscribers, AT&T has become a diversified Corporation with interests which includes even the production of energy resources: now it is the third largest oil company of Texas, and in the world ranking of private oil companies AT&T is the 16th.

4. ExxonMobil

Irving (TX)

Income: $220,4 billion

Revenue: $19.7 billion

Assets: $348,7 billion

Market value: $331,8 billion

The largest public oil company in the world has been producing across the globe. The Corporation sells fuel and lubricants under brands such as Mobil1, Esso, XTO, and many others, the oil and gas produced in Canada, Australia, Africa and Russia. Exxon Mobil is the operator of the project “Sakhalin-1” and in 2011 the American Corporation signed a contract with Rosneft on joint development of hydrocarbon resources on the shelf of the Black sea and in the Arctic. Because of the sanctions against the Russian energy sector these projects have been frozen.

3. JPMorgan Chase

New York

Income: $117,6 billion

Revenue: $26.5 billion

Assets: $2609,8 billion

Market value: $to 375.9 billion

One of the largest and oldest financial institutions in the world. JPMorgan Chase operates in 60 countries, the number of employees reaches 252 000, and Depository assets of trillions of dollars. The company provides a full range of banking services for private customers, businesses and government agencies. The most famous Bank in the holding structure — Chase, the group also includes investment funds in U.S., Europe, Australia and offshore (e.g. Cayman Islands).

1. Berkshire Hathaway

Omaha (Ne)

Income: $241,4 billion

Profits: $44.9 billion

Assets: $702,1 billion

Market value: $491,6 billion

Holding of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway manages a large number of subsidiaries in various sectors: insurance, rail, clothing, confectionery, jewelry business. Moreover, Buffett owns shares in Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, IBM and Apple.

1. Apple

Cupertino (CA)

Income: $238.8 bln

Revenue: $50.5 billion

Assets: $406,8 billion

Market value: $billion 904,4

Apple is one of the favorite examples of Donald trump for the return of capital in the United States. The President of the United States is convinced that with his policy to stimulate the U.S. Apple was able to return to the country $252 billion of foreign jurisdictions. IT-giant is actively pays dividends to its shareholders and retains the status of a trendsetter for smartphones, tablet computers and wearable electronic devices. Apple sells products through its own network of retail stores Apple Store, and owns online stores App Store and ITunes Store, which sells music and mobile applications.

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