New smartphones Huawei will lose the app store, Google Play and Gmail. But for already released phones will not update the Android operating system. Google has terminated the cooperation with the Chinese company due to the fact that she was blacklisted by the US government against the background of a trade war with China.

Thus, it is clear that the Third world war in its “soft” version will be held by “fan” and “mass” outages: ordered the U.S. Treasury Zuckerberg — Bang — and no Facebook and WhatsApp for those who do not support American policy and ordered the Apple — and in the enemy camp together and hung all but rope and Maki (and the commander of the enemy on the iPad can be a plan of attack).

And ordered the gates — and all computers on Windows forwarded together all the secret information to the CIA, and then “fossilized”. And so on — until the most basic electronic devices, which are produced, updated and managed from the United States.

And on this background even outright morons start little by little to understand why Putin quickly signed, despite massive sad cries and hand-wringing, this, which seemed completely pointless and harmful, the law on “sovereign Internet”.

Source: Blog Of Dmitry Gololobova

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