Wow! Apple massively blocking Apple ID users VPNОдин Reddit user noticed that his Apple ID is locked regularly. Over the past few months he had five times to undergo the procedure fully reset the account password.

The guy suggested that the reason for the regular lock Apple ID to use VPN services, and received a positive response and confirmation from other users.

Why Apple is blocking Apple ID when you use a VPN?

The fact that Apple can really lock your Apple ID at the moment when you pass the authorization atypical for the account of the IP address.

For example, within five years, all actions with the Apple account (purchase, download the app, listening to music, etc.) you have realized from Russia. And suddenly decided to buy another app with an Italian IP address.

Apple immediately suspected that account was hacked and closes access to it. You will also have to undergo the procedure to recover access to Apple ID by changing the password. To answer control questions and to come up with a new password.

If you experience problems logging in to your account should go to the page

I am often in different countries, but I didn’t block your Apple ID. How so?

Travel lovers can say that there have been in different countries and enjoyed the same uchetku Apple ID, but Apple did not block them.

This happens due to the smart algorithm tracking the activity of accounts.

You want it or not, the iPhone periodically checks your location. IP address from your home Wi-Fi network, cellular data, GPS.

Given that in the XXI century, teleportation is not yet invented, physically you can’t move thousands of kilometers in just a few seconds. And that’s just what happens during the change of IP address.

During the trip, the change of time zone and location gradually. First you go to the airport, then flying in an airplane, go to the gangway at the airport of another country. Such activity does not take the Apple for the break, unlike VPN.

So, if you suddenly find that your Apple ID is locked, do not rush to sound the alarm. Remember, you may actively use a VPN.

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