Steve Wozniak was one of the founders of Apple. However, he later left Apple the company. Completely with Apple Wozniak is not “broke”. He still remains an employee of Apple giant and even receive a salary. About Wozniak said in the podcast Remarkable People.

It is worth noting that Wozniak mentioned it before. Now, however, the co-founder of Apple shared some details. In particular, he called the amount of their wages. According to Wozniak, once a week gets to your Bank account about $ 50. That’s how much Apple pays its co-founder. When this pays Wozniak a few more of the claimed amount. However, shall be deducted from all applicable taxes.

Sam Wozniak believes that being an honorary Apple employee, he expresses his respect for the company. However, the situation can look from another angle. Apple can “hold” Wozniak in the state out of respect for him, and what he last did for the company.


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