On Kickstarter there is a new startup Wristruments, which positions their product as a universal assistant for beginners. Wristruments serves as a metronome, the instructor keeps notes and music library and also helps with tuning musical instruments. To work you must install the application on your Apple Watch or Google Wear smart watches from Samsung.
Watch needs to be deployed on the inside of your wrist to see the screen when playing. Through the microphone Wristruments will automatically detect when you start lesson, and will offer three modes: study, training and practice. In the first mode, the clock shows, when and where to put your fingers to extract the correct sounds. The application provides synchronization between the hours of lesson, for example, a tablet as a large screen displayed the lesson, on a small — tips for the student.

In training mode Wristruments teaches you to play snippets of tunes, to maintain the rhythm, to repeat difficult techniques. The application tracks the movement of the hand along the fretboard and the picture on the screen constantly changes to show the relevant information. And in practice mode, the fun begins — as soon as a student plays the guitar, the application evaluates his individual style that gathers information and adapts to specific user.

The application was beta, and now its developers collect funds for the release of the final version. For investors it will cost $29 for the conditions of the premium annual subscription. If all goes according to plan, Wristruments will be released in December this year.

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