Major changes.

Apple has suspended a number of projects, fired hundreds of employees and restructured for global change own strategy, reported the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. According to experts, large changes in the camp of Apple indicate that the company is paying much more attention to services with the goal of making them the main source of income.

The recent series of layoffs and reshuffling of posts in the Apple indicates the company’s desire to cease to be dependent on the iPhone, experts believe. Currently, the iPhone accounts for the lion’s share of the revenue Apple. But the global smartphone market begins to slow down and projected a substantial increase in the coming years is not expected.

In this regard, the Apple want to make their new services are a key source of profit. To do this, the company abandoned several projects, in particular, has fired about 200 employees from its project self-driving car. Some employees were redirected to work on the services, including Siri and streaming new streaming TV service.

Loup Ventures senior analyst gene Munster also believes that such a major reshuffle in the Apple are a sign that the company is trying to form his new strategy for the next 10 years. “Technology is evolving and Apple is necessary to adjust the focus of their efforts in order to stay on the right track,” — said the expert.

What does this mean for ordinary users? Experts believe that the changes will have a positive impact on the customers of Apple. The company will begin to focus less on far from real customer projects, focusing on services and consumer technology.

Source: WSJ.


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