The network continues to receive information about Apple charging station. According to the journalists of the authoritative edition of The Wall Street Journa, the cupertinos have managed to cope with the problems of AirPower and Apple is ready to start selling the charging station.

We will remind that the official announcement of AirPower took place more than a year ago. However, Apple charging station and has not appeared on the shelves. Although many users are still waiting for this event.

According to earlier reports, the cupertinos have faced a number of problems, which are not allowed to start the sale of accessory. The main one was the overheating. In addition, the charging station was unstable due to the use of multiple coils. However, the Apple engineers managed to fix all the bugs. According to some, the specialists changed the contours of AirPower and made it a little thicker.

According to The Wall Street Journal mass production of AirPower began early this year. The exact date of commencement of sales of the charging station is now unknown. Recently, however, network sources have reported that Apple’s official website the long-awaited charge, you may receive this week.


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