TASS, June 28. /TASS/. American Corporation Apple transferring production of its professional computer workstation Mac Pro from the US to China amid trade disputes between Washington and Beijing. This was reported on Friday in the electronic version of the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

According to its sources, Apple has contracted with Taiwan-based Quanta Computer contractor (“Quanta computer”), which will manufacture the Mac Pro at its plant near Shanghai. As notes the edition, the professional Mac Pro a retail value of about 6 thousand dollars is actually the only of the main Apple produced in the United States. According to the “wall street journal,” California now, the Corporation can greatly reduce the cost due to the fact that the Quanta Computer factory is in China, that is in the immediate vicinity of the location of many Asian suppliers of components for Apple.

While earlier the Japanese newspaper “nikkey” reported that Apple is considering the option of moving from 15% to 30% of their production capacity from China to other countries due to increasing trade disputes between Washington and Beijing. According to the publication, the company requested its major suppliers. They were tasked to estimate the costs of possible transfer of production from China to other countries, including Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico, as well as to analyze the prospects of doing business there.

About 90% of the production of Apple in mainland China and Hong Kong. While these indicators only increased in recent times. So, last year China for the first time surpassed the United States and Japan in the number of providers of the American technology giant.

Founded in 1976, Apple produces the iPhone, tablet computers iPad (“IPad”), iMac (“IMac”), MacBook (“MacBook”), music players, iPod (“IPod”) and other high-tech equipment. Corporation with headquarters in Cupertino (California) is one of the largest in the world, its market capitalization is about $ 1 trillion.

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