Apple design chief jony Ive, decided to leave the company after 27 years of work, was not happy with the change of priorities in Cupertino, since it has led to “the destruction of the magic product.”

After the launch of Apple Watch in 2015 Ive became less likely to visit the headquarters of the company, which had an impact on his team. The cohesion in the team were destroyed, resulting in several key team members have left Apple over the past few years.

As sources tell The Wall Street Journal, Ive been depressed that the head of the company Tim cook “showed little interest in the product development process”. In addition, the designer became more and more disappointed with the fact that Apple’s Board of Directors consisted of people who do not have work experience, related to the main activities of the company.

One of the main stumbling blocks have become the aforementioned “Apple” smart watch. Ive insisted that Apple Watch is sold as a fashion accessory, not as an extension of the iPhone. The final product was a compromise. According to the WSJ, Apple has sold only a quarter of what was predicted by the company in the first year, with “thousands” of the gold Apple Watch cost $17 million remained unsold.

Chief designer leaves Apple for creating your own design firm LoveFrom that Cupertino could pay “millions of dollars a year” for the sake of continued cooperation.

As for the other products of the company, the design team is still working on the glasses of augmented reality (AR) that will provide users a visual display of messages and cards. The engineers complained about wireless charging AirPower from Apple: the device can not evenly charge a device and acts like “tile in the Dorm”.

Earlier said that Apple should thank Apple’s design chief.

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