In the trade war the US and China has another victim — Huawei. Washington urges its allies not to use equipment made by this Chinese company. The us authorities claim that the Huawei products carries significant cybersecurity threats, and therefore must abandon it as soon as possible.

America fears of surveillance

The US government appealed to the countries allies with the request to avoid the telecommunications equipment company Huawei Technologies, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the situation.

It is reported that the United States fear of hacker attacks, as the wide spread of Huawei products carries risks for cybersecurity.

According to the newspaper, American officials are convinced of the correctness of such decision of politicians and CEOs of major companies from Japan, Italy and Germany.

Special attention is given to those countries that host US military bases.

The fact that the Ministry of defence has its own satellites and telecommunication network for confidential information, but much of the communication in the army is using commercial networks.

In addition, the States promise to assist in the acquisition of alternative communication devices.

Huawei has long been under the eye of Western intelligence agencies for alleged close links with the Chinese government, and also because of suspicions of espionage. In the U.S., the Huawei equipment is already prohibited for use in government, while in Australia, the company is prohibited to supply systems for the deployment of 5G networks.

Boycott Huawei is one of the stages of the American trade war with China. In August, on the eve of intermediate congressional elections, the Democratic party encouraged its candidates to refuse the use of smartphones, Huawei and ZTE because of security reasons. This year the cost of ZTE on the market fell by almost two times due to restrictions on buying and selling from the United States.

At the beginning of the 2018 senior officials of the CIA, the NSA and the FBI addressed the Senate, saying that the Chinese manufacturers of gadgets are a threat to American buyers.

“They have the ability to modify the device and steal information. And they have the ability to secretly spy on us”, — said the head of the FBI Christopher ray.

In addition, the whole world prepares for implementation of Telecom networks of the fifth generation, and thus will soon need to buy equipment. 5G should provide high speed communication for users and also for the Internet of things. USA fears that China will try to install spy bugs for surveillance, and therefore seeks to abandon the Chinese technical complexes.

Huawei has not yet released an official comment regarding the actions of the American authorities.

Circle of spies

In October 2018, Bloomberg appeared the scandalous publication about the chips-spies — allegedly, China is implementing the secret chips in equipment of the leading American companies, including Apple and Amazon, to follow the Americans. Given the fact that almost all details, which are equipped with modern smartphones, tablets and computers are produced in China, this material caused a keen interest of the American authorities.

Bloomberg cited a study by information security expert Yossi of Appelbaum who discovered the spy device hardware Super Micro Computer Inc., which was subsequently neutralized and eliminated.

According to Applebaum, the main difficulty in this situation is a tangled circuit diagram of supply of equipment from China, having a large number of stages, as a spy chip may be embedded in any of them.

As told by ex-official of the Intelligence community of the United States Shawn Kanuk, the threat from such implants are too real to ignore.

“Vendors who leave this threat unaddressed, may face a very serious problem. Strong cyberdelia — like China — can be implemented in the supply chain in order to sabotage advanced level,” said Kanuk.

Against the publication of a Bloomberg campaign’s largest IT-companies in China fell on average by 15%.

Apple, Amazon and even the government of China denied any tortious interference with equipment. Apple CEO Tim cook said that the story is untrue, and demanded that the newspaper remove it and post a rebuttal to “do right.”

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