WWDC 2019. Apple introduced a 32-inch display Display Pro XDR $4999

Today Apple has released a new high-quality LCD HDR display reference class along with the recently updated Mac Pro. The new display, which Apple calls the Display XDR Pro, is a 32-inch LCD display with a resolution of 6016 x 3384 6K and more than 20 million pixels.

Pro Display XDR more than 40% greater than the size of the display, 5K iMac, and supports a wide color P3, true 10-bit and comes with the standard modes that are calibrated at the factory. The new display uses brand-new polarizer, which allows you to save the color and contrast is 25 times better than the conventional LCD, even at very wide viewing angles. Glass Pro Display XDR has an anti-glare coating, but there is a matte option for complex conditions. A new nanostructured surface, which was made possible thanks to an accurate etching on glass, allows the panel to maintain the image quality and contrast, while reducing reflectivity.

In modern workflows for professional video, often requiring HDR new Pro Display XDR is beyond the scope of normal support HDR. A large set of individually calibrated LEDs blue creates exceptional brightness. The algorithm modulates each led based on the content and custom lenses and reflectors, which shape and control the light.

Apple claims that conventional heating system does not allows to work with such a display more than a few minutes. To help dissipate heat, Apple has developed a pattern of the back grid display, which will serve as a heatsink for silent heat dissipation from each led. This innovative design allows the display to maintain brightness 1000 NIT for an indefinite period and a maximum luminance up to 1600 NIT. In other words, Pro Display XDR will allow photo and video editors to work with content the way it should look when it is delivered to the end user.

Apple notes that the technical characteristics of its new display beyond the extended dynamic range. Therefore she called his display Pro Display XDR, and XDR means Extreme Dynamic Range.

Specifications Apple Pro Display XDR
32-inch LCD display

6016 × 3384 pixels

More than 20 million pixels

The viewing angles are 25 times better than conventional LCD
Contrast 1 000 000: 1
Undefined 1000 NIT brightness

1600 nits peak brightness

The additional option of nanostructured glass for $ 1000 for low reflectivity

Thunderbolt connection 3 with a single cable

Price: 4999 $

Optional stand Pro for $ 999
Optional VESA mount for $ 199

Connection to MacBook Pro or Mac Pro the future is simple thanks to Thunderbolt 3, which allows users to connect via a single cable. Users of 15-inch MacBook Pro can simultaneously connect to two displays 6K, and the new Mac Pro can connect up to six panels Pro Display XDR at the same time.

Interestingly, Apple sells a stand for the panel Pro Display XDR separately. Stand Pro will cost $ 999, and additional VESA-mountable design will cost $ 199. Of course, the Pro Stand is not the usual shaky stand, but it was designed from scratch taking into account Pro Display XDR. All-metal stand includes counterweights for precise, but almost weightless, adjust the tilt and height. Pro Stand also supports rotation to 90 degrees, which allows you to view the panel in portrait mode.

Display Apple Pro XDR will be released this fall alongside the new Mac Pro.

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